Female 29

about me

I’m living my life to the fullest and exploring alternative methods of healthier existing in this plane of consciousness. Something that I feel incredibly passionately about is creating and enhancing beauty in all forms. I have an eye for simple splendors and an ear for harmonious melodies. I strive to lead the most blissful life possible as I focus on my physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and the balance within the relationships I hold with others.

my friends

AlienAudience (Trevor) ~Toki~ Eric Katie Naga KC Taylor elana

my tribes

**kundalini yoga**, ::Psy-Dub::, BURNING BRAZIER, ChakraTribe, Chi-Burners, Chicago Hoop Tribe, Chilluminati, Chiowago - Iowa/Chicago PsyArtists Unite, Conscious Choice Magazine, Consciousness and Sexuality, DreadTribe, Entheon, FIowa Fire Spinners, Freestyle Movement, holy hottie healer hoola hooperz united, HoopRevolution, INEVITABLE, Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability, Lord Shiva, Midwest Psy,