about me

My mum was a faery my dad a pixie. I am looking for my tribe, my true heart connections to help steer this spaceship earth back home to the proper love...A love so deep and pure and amazing that it needs new words, colours, scents and dances to express its most amazing Ness. I am so grateful for each of you in my world, in our world. May we spiral deeper and stronger, clearer to build a crystaline stucture so strong and pure that it cannot be torn down. Made of our love, & the beast of fear can continue its speedy decseent back in to the underworld. So we can live as our fully activated magical elvin jedi balance of dark & light self. Our heaven here on earth once again. As true creators of our own realtiy there is no reason why we cannot create this , we just need to do it that will be most quickest and so much more beautiful a dream realised with a bunch of artist, dancers, healers, lovers, goddess n gods painting the picture..... So together soon again. I do believe in faeries I do I do I do!!!!!!

my friends

Nikila +Elijah- Leyolah Michele Merlin Crystal Sahara Amber philip ))iris(( .:G.U.N.S. N. B.U.T.T.A.:

my tribes

<AYYA>, <ॐ ۞Transylvania Calling 2009 ॐ ۞, 'The Elfinstones'' Gemshop, .:ANCESTORS:., Alex Grey, Amaezing Hair Network!, artcarmakersridersandfunders, Ayahuasca, bassnectar, campfire songs with micha and leighton, El Circo, Elfincones, ElfQuest, Faerie Fashion, fundalini rising, Funginears, G-Spot, guerilla art, I Have a Crush on Everybody Tribe, India,