Male 35
North Carolina

about me

I am a very shy guy at first, so I don't usually send messages, I leave it up to you to message me if you think we might get along. Please don't hesitate.

my friends

jeffdude jack Marcus sayter kenny Dominic Todd Art

my tribes

!!! SON OF A BITCH !!!, !!! The Padded Cell !!!, *Activists*, *Real* Alternative Gay People, Activism 101, alternative gay people, Alternative Gay People Alternative, Bay Area Gay Pagans, BDSM Stories, big dicked gay men, Boner Boys (men only), Brotherhood of the Phoenix, California Radical Faeries, Circle of Loving Brotherhood M4M, Diamanda Galas, Find the *GAY NON-SEX* Tribes, Find the *GAY SEX!* Tribes, Gay 80s, GAY GOTH BOYS, Gay Men,