Cross Sidhe

Cross Sidhe

Male 45
SF Bay Area

about me

Well, I am Male, and Pagan. I love to go where not too many people have or will go (physically or spiritually). I am very adventurous and love to try new things. I might look "mainstream" but I am not. Have to do that for work (got to eat).

my friends

DJ Dragonfly Scott lady D Sonstargirl *Medea* Adrian Ally Metric Dave john Belle

my tribes

! Gold Star Tribe !, ! Oaksterdam, !!!1manBanjo!!!, !!!SAFETY THIRD!!!, !!~AllNighters, Unite~!!, ♥ LoveSource ♥, * Ride Share / Carpool *, *** XY ***, **Booty Call**, **BURNING SENSATION-The Headless Benefit, **Rue Morgue**, *BURNINGMAN* I saw u, *~*~fey fusion~*~*, 1625 members, 2008 Burning Man Virgins, 2009 Burningman Virgins, 2010 Burning Man Virgins, 707, 707 Burners, Absinthe Connoisseurs,