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Teresa Ann Foxworthy, a Personal Dating and Relationship Coach, has been helping thousands of men and women transform their lives for the better. Specializing in Personal Growth, Ms. Foxworthy founded The American Dating Institute and Club Shangri-La. These organizations offer educational services and community building opportunities for men and women who want to develop enriching relationships and cultivate more meaningful lives. Singles, couples, people going through divorce, and anyone who is interested in a successful and fulfilling love relationship with their True Beloved, is encouraged to receive a free consultation to see if you might enjoy being coached by Teresa for your relationship goals. Ms. Foxworthy has worked with corporations, groups and individuals, as well as launched a range of related projects, which receive rave reviews from her clients.

Ms. Foxworthy has become extremely effective at what she does. Her program has a 97% success rate of having you engaged or married within a year of working with Teresa. With her pioneering efforts in the field of personal growth, she has created over 200 Personal Transformation programs. Her involvement in both the public and private sectors is pioneering. Having assisted corporations such as AT&T, Credit Suisse, Marriott, Xerox, Pacific Bell, Sun Microsystems and I.B.M., computer start-ups, work-life balance companies, and so many others, as well as countless individuals, Teresa Ann Foxworthy is successful working with individuals and groups ready for personal transformation in the realm of love, empowerment, and ultimate fulfillment.

DATING FOR MARRIAGE - Coaching by Phone Program - How It Works

"90% of my clients are engaged or married within a year, WHEN they follow this 88 step DATING FOR MARRIAGE program I've created! What this means, is to take a couple months off of dating anyone & date YOURSELF. Get to know who you are & who you really need. What qualities will synergize best with your personality, goals, family, & other aspects of your life? This short time of a few months is what will bring you decades of happiness with another.

So, first, you schedule a complimentary 30 minutes session to get acquainted with my style. You'll tell me your dating goals, what's been most challenging & what you know so far about what kind of person would make the best mate for you. Then, you determine which day & time of the week will be the time when you & I talk on the phone to discuss what's working & what needs more attention. Some weeks we'll work on the practical solutions for your dating goals, like online dating techniques, expanding your social network, values clarification; other times, we'll focus on your emotional well-being & relationship history to make sure we dissolve the old patterns which tend to sabotage your efforts."

Call: 415.289.2213
Email: tfoxworthy

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Teresa's coaching programs are by-phone or via Skype, so anyone around the world who would like the incredible support of this dedicated Love Coach is encouraged to contact her now.

Here are some Testimonials:

" are so incredibly good at what you do. Thank you! Our last session really [helped me] reach a new level of understanding. It is truly profound. I have noticed an immediate difference in how playful I am with Adam and how playful it has allowed him to be. I’ve only worked with you for a total of 14 hours now, over this last year, and I am now engaged to be married! My friends whom were looking last year are STILL looking! I am SO happy! I'm so glad I focused on attracting such a quality mate! I could not have done it without you! You are more than a Dating Coach, you are SUCH a Goddess!"
- N.K., Secondary School Principal, Seattle
[Update: "The London honeymoon was amazing and married life is even more exciting that dating!"]

" Teresa is not licensed, but I feel she's the best therapist I've ever worked with. As a therapist myself, for the past 25 years, I am very impressed with her grasp of human nature and personal transformation techniques. I've reached a new level of self-awareness with her help and recognize a much deeper potential for my life."
- Mikial, Marriage, Family Therapist, San Diego

"Thanks to your insightful program, I have reached my goals in spirituality and am enjoying a quality of life that I never thought I could. It has made a huge impact in my love relationship."
[Update: "Our love overcame all obstacles!"]
- PS, Branch Manager, Credit Suisse, Basel, Switzerland

"Teresa, it’s only been six months working with you, my Dating Coach, and I am engaged to be married! I could never have done this without your insight and support. You are amazing. The invitation to our wedding will be arriving soon, I want you to be there."
- SH, Psychiatrist, Napa, CA
[Update: The wedding in the wine country of Northern California was so elegant and joyful!]

"Teresa, you did the work that other psychologists and marriage counselors have failed to do for the past eight years. I now have a completely different understanding of my ex-wife, and this is helping my relationship with her, as well as our children. I can’t wait for you to help others like you have helped me. Men need this work."
- WS, Retired Marketing Executive, Palo Alto, CA

"I have done a lot of personal growth work in the past thirty years, but your insightful strategies have helped me move through the areas where I have been stuck for decades!"
- DW, CEO of Wilson Kitchens & Remodeling, Nicascio, CA

"You're really, really good at what you do. After eight months of working with you, I have a completely new understanding of relationships and how to pursue them. With this new perspective, I am re-organizing my life. Your presence is powerful and soothing, your voice is calming. The open format allowed me the safety to open up and get help for these issues. Now that I've vented decades of repressed feelings, my goal achievement process is a breeze."
- RC, Land Developer, Petaluma, CA

"I was completely at a stand-still and you used interesting techniques that quickly shifted things for me. I was amazed at the results. I hadn’t had a date for over six months, and over night that changed. As the weeks go by, I have a clearer picture of what I am really working on to achieve my relationship goals."
- MT, Pharmaceutical Researcher, Redwood City, CA

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