Los Angeles

about me

I enjoy surfing, yoga, volunteering at KCRW, collecting music, art and...and Bettie Page. I'm a big fan of pin-up art. I skateboard around town and ride my bike when I can to limit driving my car. We gotta reduce traffic and clean up the air somehow. Too bad L.A. doesn't good public transportation. I'd love to not need a car. Lately, I've been taking tons of pictures thanks to cheap digital technology. I love my camera. I also enjoy the occasional drink or drinks at some local bars. And, amazingingly, I can walk into quite a few of them and my drink arrives without my having to order it. That's cool, right? Or, it is scary? I'm a fairly easy going person and I love to meet new people. I'm not offended by much and I have a big heart or so I'm told.

As much as I enjoy computers, I'm so glad I'm not working in IT anymore. I love music and for the last few years I've been working in music in one way or another. It's much better working doing something you love to do or at the very least being around something you love.

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