Male 35

about me

I like to dance in the shadows listening to the beat of a different drum
sometimes I see the sum of all mass within my grasp.
A numerical task which seems to bare
sequence within
my mask of life. Life likes to beat me into basslines that are
spacetimes continuum melloooooo-d.
Sunken ships in seas of acid rain helps me to wonder
of my path towards imaginations twisted fate.
Jumping over gates within my vision I look towards the world
as a canvas to paint whatever motion necessary to smile.
I am consumed in logics laughter at love, its
of keeping my slumber in chains. Funny. To think that my
pink brain is covered in the resins of time, but
I love unconditionally.
Friends are my family within so many worlds and dimensions our souls are connected chains used to move the motions
of dark matter.
Sevenhundred and fiftyfive lives on end, more stars to explore, and a desire to make my passions the earths piano.
I am blessed to be a beam of light reflected and absorbed by the saphire sun spit into the mouths of the thirsty.
I shall live by the law that I was never destroyed nor created but am.
Everything I choose to be.
Sterotypes typed out of sadness are beneath me.
I shall except you for your words passion...
Whatever that may be.

my friends

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