SF Bay Area

about me

I'm very interested in spirituality and different
methods of achieving various degrees of spiritual bliss.
Some of my personal favorites are drumming, dancing,
meditation, chanting, pagan rituals, massage, and yoga. I believe that all paths
are sacred and I respect others who are open-minded and
I'm a gemini/ aquarius moon/
Enneagram Social 7
Kin= white mirror overtone long calendar = red cosmic dragon
I empower in order to reflect, commanding order. I seal the matrix of endlessness with the overtone of radiance. I am guided by the power of death.

my friends

dancing Jester Jaimi Nobody डर्शन् Dan Andy Monkey Boi lady

my tribes

**kundalini yoga**, Acupuncture, alternative monogamists, Authentic and Honest Relationships, Bi-coastal disorder, Boring Man, Burning Man Sucks, CMTsupport, Conscious Relating, Dark Goddesses, Digital Photography, Drums and Revolution, east bay massage therapists, ElfQuest, Enneagram, Gender Reconciliation, Harbin Hot Springers, Healing foods and herbs/TCM, Heart the Haight, In Love With the Goddess,