Female 43
Las Vegas

about me

I am a happily married woman! Whoot!

my friends

Dumanni's Troupe cera sara Tamima NASER Kajira ESTHER OF ARIZONA-SALOME SECRET DANCE PR Miles

my tribes

! SOuTHeRn CaLiFOrNIa DaNcE cOllEcTiVe, ! Sexiest Smile !, **Melodia Designs**, **Official Melodia Design Tribe**, *Arizona Bellydancers UNcensored, *TRIBAL BELLYDANCE FESTIVALS & EVENTS*, ..~*TribalSooz*~, 702, ANCIENT EGYPT ; Ritual and Dance, Ansuya, Arabic Musicians, Ariellah: Yoga, Dance, and Expression, Arizona Belly Dance Lessons/Workshops, Arizona Belly Dancers, Asharah, Aubre & Lumina Bellydance Co., Ava Fleming, belly dance and related events, Belly Dance Festivals, Belly Dance in Print,