New York City

about me

I am on a journey which is a prayer for transmutation. I am trying to love as deeply as I can, to be nonviolent in my ways, to be a student of awareness, to really live my vision, and to find the other ones who communicate in the magical realms.

my friends

Martin amy dawn Sobey Lobster Lynx bex Luke aka saQi Exodus Zen orion Ken*again

my tribes

<AYYA>, **LucEnT dOsSieR Vaudeville Cirque**, **M.A.P.S.** Psychedelic Studies, :::Skin.Graft.Designs:::, Alex Grey, an-ten-nae Presents, bassnectar, Bicycling Is Not A Crime, Bio-regional Animism, BlackLight: Seed Sewing, Body Temple, Burlesque, By the Hand, Cheap INTERNATIONAL Airfare, CIRQUE BERZERK, Contact Improv Dance, CosmiKiva Sanctuary Project, cosmos gypsies, Cymatics, Dance & Movement Teachers!, Dancers Meet Musicians, Dark Goddesses, Dark Moon Dance, Disorient, Diva Boot Camp, dmt, Ekstasis, El Circo, EMRG +N+ SEE 2008!, Erotic Photography, Ethnobotany, False Profit, foot in two worlds, Freek Factory, FreQ Nasty, futuretrybe, grandspacenyc, i love the mistresses of FREEK, Improvisation as an Aspect of Community, In The Movement, Leatherworking, Makeup and Hair for Dancers, Mask-making, Mercuralia, Mizu Desierto * The Headwaters, mycology, Nature Spirits, North East Pagan Festivals, NYC Burning Man, Permaculture,