New York City

about me

I am on a journey which is a prayer for transmutation. I am trying to love as deeply as I can, to be nonviolent in my ways, to be a student of awareness, to really live my vision, and to find the other ones who communicate in the magical realms.

my friends

Project Hobbit Shawna Taylor~Maiden~Space Mikio Chaya Leia Rena Bonnie jody Treigh Archer the Firestarter

my tribes

<AYYA>, **LucEnT dOsSieR Vaudeville Cirque**, **M.A.P.S.** Psychedelic Studies, :::Skin.Graft.Designs:::, Alex Grey, an-ten-nae Presents, bassnectar, Bicycling Is Not A Crime, Bio-regional Animism, BlackLight: Seed Sewing, Body Temple, Burlesque, By the Hand, Cheap INTERNATIONAL Airfare, CIRQUE BERZERK, Contact Improv Dance, CosmiKiva Sanctuary Project, cosmos gypsies, Cymatics, Dance & Movement Teachers!, Dancers Meet Musicians, Dark Goddesses, Dark Moon Dance, Disorient, Diva Boot Camp, dmt, Ekstasis, El Circo, EMRG +N+ SEE 2008!, Erotic Photography, Ethnobotany, False Profit, foot in two worlds, Freek Factory, FreQ Nasty, futuretrybe, grandspacenyc, i love the mistresses of FREEK, Improvisation as an Aspect of Community, In The Movement, Leatherworking, Makeup and Hair for Dancers, Mask-making, Mercuralia, Mizu Desierto * The Headwaters, mycology, Nature Spirits, North East Pagan Festivals, NYC Burning Man, Permaculture,