Male 42
San Diego

about me

++ I am 1/2 geek, 1/2 hedonist
++ I often look at life through the eyes of a child
++ I am more affectionate than most people you know
++ I am niether the nice guy, nor the bad boy
++ I love watching indy/foriegn movies
++ I love kittens, especialy fat ones who like their bellies rubbed
++ I am L.G.B.T. friendly

my friends

Cindy Jessup Generations Beacon Maeve Sommer Mizz Cherry Pie (A La Mode) Turo Michelle Chrissy Fox R I C O

my tribes

! AlmaParadiso'08 !, ..::~*Medina Maitreya*~::.., Atash Maya Dance Co., Bay Area Hoopers, Drive Through Crew, Elysium Midsummer Festival 2010, Healthy Food for Lazy People, Hipgenesis, Hooping Videos, Hula Hooping, I wanna be Turo, I'M FEELING FUENTE! 08, LA Burners, LA Hoopers, Midnight Debke, Playalicious Playwear, RLD The Musical: Red Hot Gay., San Diego Decom, San Diego Hoopers, SD Burners,