Male 33

about me

Hmm ... in no particular order ........I cherish Huggs!! I abhor clothes, I cherish nature, I abhor mean people, I cherish beauty, I abhor unhealthiness, I cherish my friends, I abhor... no, just simply am saddened by those who misunderstand me or don't take the time to know me, I cherish laying with a girl and dreaming, I abhor laying alone and not so much dreaming, I cherish the the beautiful flaws that people have which in themselves they wish to dispel but that I find uniquely alluring such as a scar, lazy eye, misshapen breast, white streak of hair, etc, not to say I am only interested in such flawed souls, just that I can see the beauty in themselves that they cannot see. I abhor violence, and cherish peace, I abhor the feeling that women only want assholes and not nice guys, I cherish sex, and I abhor disease, I cherish the feeling of feeling safe and abhor the feeling that I never am. I cherish the fact that I've loved before and abhor the fact that I don't have anyone to love currently. I cherish the fact that you've read all this and if you don't know me hope that you'll meet me for coffee or something sometime and maybe cuddle.

my friends

marissa J.P. MCP Ellen Paula Brooke Juicy juliebess

my tribes

Boston Spin Jam, Carntard, Connecticut Burners, Copperhead Fire, Forest Folk, New England Burners, Trumbull, WildFire,