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about me

I was born a vegan thanks to Mom. Did you know the human retina has a resolution of 127 million pixel. Just one reason why Im so into creating psychedelic video.

I was conceived right around the time John Lennon died. My mother was a straight edge vegan and fed me all hand made vegan baby food. I believe this is a direct correlation to my current diet. My name honors my grandmother, a famous seamstress who started the first botique store on the east coast. (The Snooty Fox on Newbury Street) She and her Sister Priscilla started a now world famous bridal gown store: Priscilla of Boston. There is always something to learn about human existence and our universe. Finding areas to express my creativity and explore my passions of DJ'ing / Psychedelic video art / interactive electronic art projects / video and film production is what drives me to exist. Freeganism is a wonderful thing and I love cooking & eating vegetarian/vegan food. I believe we are all but one beneath the sun, under the massive green fractal techno trees.

my friends

evonne Dr. Mercury kimberly raven Sunny SMGU Lauryn Mathwin Karen

my tribes

) ) )):: SENTIENZE SALON ::(( ( (, **Genetically modified food watch**, - Alternative Fuel Vehicles, 6362MetaForce, Alex Grey, B.I.O. BUS TRIBE, Biodiesel, Boston Burningtruck, BuildingMan, Burn Clean Project, Burning Man, Burning Man Art, Culture Jamming, DarkPsy, Disorient, DIY - do it yourself, DJs, DPW, E.B. - Dyn-O-Might! 4 - 7/2 @ Mighty, Evolutionary Center,