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I am happy to make your acquaintance, and its a pleasure to have you take the time to read my profile. First off, id like to say I love you and hugs are provided free upon request.

I love being wacky and myself. If running around in silly ways through a field while trying to keep yourself from falling onto your ass much to the amusement of those around you sounds like a hell of a lot of fun then you and I have at least one thing in common. There are a few of you who went to wildfire in fall of 08 that could attest to that, as i slipped and wound up almost doing a split next to one of the campfires. Ouch!

Wildfire Spring of '09 was a lot of fun. A special shout-out to those i met there for the first time, and those i have had the pleasure to meet a few times now. I am totally glad to have picked up a fire staff at the even this year and totally love it, but I'm beating myself up.... that is love for you I guess.

I am a fire spinner who spins poi and contact staff. I have been spinning since 2008 at the beginning of the summer and I started with poi. It took a year before I began learning staff and so far I'm in love with it. I hope i don't totally neglect my poi though.

Feel free to message me! I love talking to new people. Crazy? Great! I can't wait to hear from you and make a new friend.

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