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One important thing to keep in mind is this. My profile on Tribe is for amusement & fantasy purposes only. That being said, I enjoy having some online fun with people. I also have had a few affairs, though none recently, offline. We will save those savory details for an entirely different conversation!

I have grown increasingly aware that the 'affairs' of the flesh do very little to satisfy the affairs of the heart. I believe that woman are not likely to detach their sexual feelings f... read more
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Philadelphia Pleasure

about me
Looking for a fun female or couple for some regular stimulating time :)

I'm 5'11", 170lbs, in shape, average build.

I'm very creative, love to entertain, for sure an exhibitionist. I have great hands and although I'm not a certified MT, I give GREAT massages. I go one step further and believe a massage is very sensuous and can be very erotic so it should be the perfect transition into fantastic, sensuous, hot sex!

That's all for now....say hello sometime...
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Don't forget each day to tell someone you LOVE them!

One of our best friends died suddenly of a heart attack today, in his 40s. He exercised, was a nutrition expert, and healthier than most people we know.

You never know what tomorrow holds so don't put off doing what you LOVE, spending time with those you LOVE and enjoying Life to the fullest because none of us really know how much time we have left.

Here's a pic I took on a recent trip that captures the sense of taking time to smell the flowers!

Max :)

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