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i have fiery, wonderful, gorgeous, loving, singing friends. i am a lucky girl.
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HyDrive at Zilla Sake House, Thursday, January 29

need i say more? you guys know how this goes........
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seven years

it creeps up on me every year. well, it has for the last several. i've decided there's nothing lonelier than your heart remembering the anniversary of your husband's death before your brain does. today is the one day i will allow tears for a man at whom i'm still angry, a man with whom i have equal horrifying and happy memories, for the man who scared me as much as he loved me.
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ALEX SMOKE tonight at Branx

We've got a really special show for Portland tonight. We're bringing one of Earth's premier *LIVE* techno acts, ALEX SMOKE, all the way from Glasgow, Scotland. Alex Smoke has blown minds across the land with his live sets, including show stealing sets at both DEMF and Decibel festival most recently. We're very honored to be hosting this muscian and I hope you all are as excited as we are to see this guy in action. Following up this grand slam, we have an incredibly solid 'dream team' of Northwest talent representing.

Portland's own "Let's Go Outside" will be playing a live techno set specifically designed around this show. You may have witnessed Steve (LGO) absolutely slay the dance floor at our last show "Get out of your Skin" (Steve's Birthday Party), so you already know what this man is capable of.

Nordic Soul is coming down to represent Seattle at our little techno symposium. Nordic Soul, also of Decibel fame has been a pillar of the Northwest electronic community and the importance of his contributions to our musical culture can not be stated enough. Not only is Nordic Soul an incredible force behind the scenes, but he is also an extremely talented producer and dj--we are stoked to have him down for this.

Rounding out this dream team of talent, we have our very own miss 31avas. Ava has been carrying the techno torch in Portland strong for many years now, hosting SEVERE EXPOSURE on KPSU every Tuesday night for as long as I can remember, which is a radio show dedicated to the music of techno. Not only that, she is one half of the flagship techno night KULTURSZENE which has been one of Portland's most beloved techno showcases for the last two years and shows no sign of slowing down. Ava brings a lot of experience and some serious taste to the decks.


Nothing rounds out a show quite like a rock solid sound system. We're pulling out all the stops for this show, and we have enlisted H.A.S. sound systems to provide a FIRST CLASS auditory experience. Bass that you can feel, bass that you can SEE. Prepare yourself for a world class audio experience. Many of you have witnessed the H.A.S. system at VARIOUS, as
well as KULTURSZENE and other notable event. When you see H.A.S. on a
flyer, you know the music is going to be SERIOUS.

Last but not least, we've joined up with one of the visual artists from the Portland State University Audio Visual Deptartment. You have *NEVER* seen Branx look like this before. Kayna will be setting up state of the art audio responsive visual projection systems, as well as state of the art active LED lighting systems that will help take your party experience over
the top and help transform our venue into a world that is completely reactive and dynamic.



Friday, January 2, 2009
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$25 tickets for Threshold

i got yer discount RIGHT HERE.

tickets are $30 on brown paper tickets and in the outlets (Frock on Alberta, Metro and Chance of Rain on Hawthorne) and $35 at the door.

but i can sell them to you RIGHT THIS SECOND for $25. i'm at the venue until 2ish, maybe 3ish if you want to come see me.

as if you needed to be told, we're talkin' 'bout 3 stages of RAD MUSIC, KILLER decor, LIVE ART, a REALLY HAWT VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR, nifty draping, chandeliers, the coolest chill zone i've ever seen in my life, the Mobile Groove Bomb, gorgeous costumes and a party that seems like it'll never quit.

ad nauseam
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HyDrive at Berbati's Pan--tomorrow! Friday night!

Just in case you missed 'em at The Hutch...

From Jane:
Join us at BERBATIS (3rd and Burnside!) for BOXING DAY. The tradition of boxing day is to give to the less fortunate, so this is a benefit for SISTERS of the ROAD.
Doors open at 7pm, and the show starts at 8 pm. Freak Mountain Ramblers from 8-11 and Hydrive till close.
$10 at the door - bring hygiene products or a small donation to Sisters.

Berbati's Pan
213 SW Ankeny St.
Portland, OR 97204
Friday, December 26
9 pm
$10 door
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ice + hills + automobiles = not awesomeness

so, my car got hit right outside my house on tuesday night. (it's been in its same parking spot since last friday night.) electrician in his van slid down my hill and hit my car.

there's a story. a pretty boring one. but does anyone have a good recommendation for an autobody shop?
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chedda and mochipet

yes, girls DO <3 breakcore and there was a VULCAN at the crown room tonight.

fer real.

this girl also <3's matt and kellan (matt for playing Some Way Through This...DAAAAAAAMN...and kellan for spotting me a tie) and holler and oates for nate's molestache.

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