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Mistress Kära

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joined on 02/06/06
last updated 01/14/12
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about me
Greetings my pets!!

Your job in my presence is a simple one. To please me. I have an insatiable sexual appetite and you need only to focus on fulfilling that appetite. My orgasm, my pleasure, my needs always come first. You may make requests by asking me with respect and ALWAYS saying please. I appreciate all contributions from my pets and I feel genuinely honored for each tip. My goal is to experience as much pleasure as I can during my time on cam. If you enjoy my energy, my body, my voice, my eyes, my personality...then prove it. Honor Me by taking Me private so that together we can satisfy my needs.

I am also a certified sex educator, feel free to ask me any sex related questions you may have. As long as you are not tastelessly sarcastic or vindictive you cannot offend me. I love intelligent and interesting conversation and I am incredibly easy to talk to but make sure you tip me for my time and before making any sexual requests. I do not enjoy "career chatters" and the words "I'm broke" so if you can't afford my time please do not bother me.

You may find me at:
Days and times vary on my preferences
Cum chat with Me live at the famous San Francisco Kink Armory

My KinkLive Schedule for January is:

January 5 3pm-6pm
January 6 1pm-4pm
January 8 10pm-1am
January 9 9pm-12am
January 12 3pm-6pm
January 13 1pm-4pm
January 15 10pm-1am
January 16 9pm-12am
January 19 3pm-6pm
January 20 1pm-4pm
January 22 10pm-1am
January 23 9pm-12am
January 26 3pm-6pm
January 27 1pm-4pm
January 29 10pm-1am
January 30 9pm-12am

(All times are PST)

Be a good pet and pay tribute to your Mistress:
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Worship Your Goddess

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Mistress Kara - Live Spanking Action

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Mistress Kara's House Rules

*Mistress Kara is not submissive, she never wears cuffs, collars or gags so do not ask

*Remember, although Mistress Kara is a Domme, she is not just a sadist, she also enjoys satiating her masochistic side

*Mistress Kara's pleasure always comes before yours

*You will always speak to Mistress Kara with respect

*Mistress Kara always appreciates a since of humor, but do not be tasteless

*Do not call Mistress Kara bb, baby, honey, or anything that does not convey respect, only names that hold command or something above you are permitted

*When you enter Mistress Kara’s room greet her, when she returns from a private welcome her back and when she leaves say goodbye

*You are expected to ask permission to leave Mistress Kara's room, if you are to leave before the show is over

*Do not ever give Mistress Kara an order, if you have a request respectfully ask her and say please and thank you

*Reciprocation is key, nothing is free in Mistress Kara's room, if you are not going to pay tribute or take her private do not expect anything from her

*No long stream of messages, do not 'write a book,' for Mistress Kara, if you have a lot to say spread it out into smaller messages

*When Mistress Kara starts something, she wants it finished

*Mistress Kara genuinely appreciates all tips and tributes but private sessions are best

*When you desire a private session, ask Mistress Kara if she would like to be taken into private

*Do not interrupt Mistress Kara's private sessions for personal reasons, however you are definitely encouraged to enter and watch private shows already in progress unless she specifically requests privacy, she may allow you to participate in the private session if it pleases her

*Only English is read and spoken in Mistress Kara's room

*Mistress Kara always appreciates compliments

*If you make an error, correct yourself and apologize to Mistress Kara

*If you want to make up for a mistake, ask Mistress Kara if you can receive a punishment for her

*Mistress Kara keeps very thorough records on her pets, good and bad

*If Mistress Kara instructs you to do something, prove that you followed her orders by taking pictures and sending them to her

*Do not ask for other Dominants or certain genders in chat, this isn't about you, it's about Mistress Kara

*No whining in Mistress Kara’s room

*Patience is a virtue in Mistress Kara’s room

*Do no lie to Mistress Kara

*'Kisune' is the Cyber Dark Knight Protector, he is able to assist Mistress Kara whenever needed, he also is permited to dish out punishments to other users who do not obey her rules

*If you are new to Mistress Kara's room, you simply get a warning if you break a rule but repeat offenders get dealt with by the Cyber Black Knight Protector

*If you still don't obey the rules after the warning and/or punishment have been given, you will be ignored completely by Mistress Kara

*If Mistress Kara doesn't catch your message, Kisune will re-post it for her to read

*Stand our from the crowd, send Mistress Kara at gift from her wish list:

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