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Buying American #4

   Mon, December 17, 2012 - 10:59 AM
These are awesome:

Flint and Tinder is a new company, started by a guy who walked into Macy's in New York and found that there weren't many good men's underwear choices and what there was, was made overseas. So with a pitstop on Kickstarter, he set up a company to make premium men's underthings at competitive prices.

I ordered a couple of pairs of briefs (there are other styles too) and they're super comfortable, much better fabric and cut than what I've been used to. At $21.95 each, they're about triple what I've been paying, but they'll last longer, and they're way more comfortable, no small consideration when you sit on your butt for 11 hours at a stretch.

We'll see how they stand up to a few washings, but I can see replacing everything in the 3d draw down with these guys. Score for the home team.

An interesting factoid from the Flint & Tinder "About" page ( ):

"For every 1,000 pair of underwear we sell per month, at least one sustainable job is added within our supply chain.
It's not a pledge or a promise... it's a fact."

There are benefits to buying American that go beyond primary jobs creation, but if you take that number as accurate, then $22 x 1,000 x 12, or $264,000 of annual purchases, at least in the apparel sector, creates one job. That number seems reasonable. Most of us aren't going to buy quite that much clothing, but if you can divert, say, $1,000 a year to domestic purchases, then you and 263 other people can add one permanent job to our economy.

Get that number up to $2,640, and it only takes 100 people.


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Sun, December 23, 2012 - 8:05 PM
I used to have a very thrifty friend who once said, "Yep, every 10 years I buy myself new underwear, whether I need it or not."
Fri, January 25, 2013 - 4:47 AM
These have washed well, they still look and feel like new. I bought 4 new ones today, bringing my total to 6.