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Buying American #5

   Fri, January 25, 2013 - 8:35 AM
For those who complained that they couldn't find American-made products and don't feel like wading through the various online compendia, here's a blog that tracks cool new products; if you go to this page, you'll get only made in America stuff:

The current top item there is something I've purchased and that I think is great:

Not that you actually need to spend $35 for shower soap, but this product works really well and I like the smell. I didn't at first, but it grew on me. They make several different kinds, collected from different places in the Far West; there's a small Burner connection to this one.

Soap doesn't usually make for a good gift, but I don't think any guy would be too offended by this. The scents, this one at least, seem pretty masculine.

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Thu, February 14, 2013 - 2:19 PM
More on Juniper Hill
The Well Spent blog revisited this company with a long-ish posting and some expanded info on their operations. The one thing they never seem to want to tell you is what's in each of the regional mixes, which probably makes sense because they want to keep people from duplicating their products, but it is a tough thing to pay $30 for a soap you might not like. Nonetheless, when a blog post starts out

"I love Juniper Ridge. Like, almost to the point of obsession."

You can see why they might be worth it.

The Inyo trail soap, which is the one I've bought, is hard to describe; it smells clean and a little honey-like, but with undertones (overtones?) of a forest. It's not pine-y, and it's much more masculine than feminine. I like it a lot and would buy more, but I'm curious about the other ones as well, so my next purchase will be a different one. In the long run, I'll probably stick with Inyo, which is the name of a national park that stretches over a large, noncontiguous swath of California and Nevada.