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MAD or money in hand, I am ready for my immersion into the medina of Fes. What a truly beautiful and amazing place! Everywhere I turn, I see something new and curious and want to spend time really absorbing what I was seeing, from people simply going through the everyday motions of life, to artisans practicing their craft, to the shopkeepers in constant motion welcoming visitors and negotiating prices.

Like many foreign places, Morocco is not for the shy or weak at heart when it comes ... read more
Thu, March 26, 2009 - 9:10 PM permalink - 0 comments
The cab driver and his friend, who I found and hired upon my arrival at the Fes train station were friendly and fun. They filled me in on the local surroundings and provided me a brief tour along our route to the Zalagh Parc Palace Hotel. Ten minutes and 40 MAD later (around $3.50) plus tip, I was finally checking in! I made it and except for being very tired and having to hit the ladies room, was none the worse for wear!

What a beautiful hotel. After passing through tall iron gates, I... read more
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Snowstorm notwithstanding, I made it to Morocco and was looking to take a train from Casablanca, or Casa as referred to by many locals, to Fes in order to catch up with my tour group. A very accommodating porter helped me navigate through the airport and down to the connecting train station. He pointed me to the ticket counter where I bought my ticket to the Casa station and was seated with my luggage and waiting at the platform in no time.

The airport train platform afforded a wonderfu... read more
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Moroco Insider's annual Thanksgiving Tour will be a special on this year as the dates coincide with the most important holiday in Morocco, Aïd al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice). Join us as we explore the Medina's of Marrakesh and Fez and tour the coast and countryside of Morocco, November 19-29, 2009. See our website
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Kat’s Morocco – Third in a continuing series…

A snowstorm of historic proportions had closed New York to all incoming and outgoing flights, including my flight from Los Angeles to Morocco, via JFK. After spending Friday night on the floor of the Atlanta airport and running around to the various terminals begging to get on a flight to New York, luck was with me and I was soon on my way to LGA. I might just make my Saturday connection to Morocco! I did have a passing thought about where m... read more
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November 5, 2007
Kat is not only an incredible tour guide but also one of the most genuine women I have ever met! She is courageous, efficient, and energetic. I never thought I could get so much into one trip, but with Kat anything is possible! Go to Morocco, you will have the time of your life!!
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