My Voyage Through Life

Paradigm Shifting

   Fri, January 23, 2009 - 3:27 PM
Paradigm shifting was the dominant theme of the 2008 Presidental Election. Barak Obama made that the cornerstone of his candidacy through use of the word change. I remain cautiously optimistic that something will truly change. The election of a Black man for President in and of itself does not signify change. It only means that there is a change in Administration. The next four to eight years will tell their own story concerning change. I personally believe that there is an unseen entity in this country that calls the shots. They are that richest 6% that the Democrats rant against. They call the shots yet they do not want to be visible in the public eye because of it. I suspect that they are largely responsible for the financial crisis in the country. They determine who will lead the nation. They will continue to live luxuriously large in their cloistered environments regardless of what financial and economic crisis may beset the country. The priorities of the country will not change. Israel will continue to be our protected friend and whoever does nt like that friendship will remain the enemy.


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