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My Next Jewelry Show~

   Thu, September 11, 2008 - 11:20 AM
Chillin' Productions bring you:


Live Music by:
Little Yellow Perfect (www.littleyellowperfect.com)

DJ Felina (www.djfelina.com)
Rondo Brothers (www.rondobrothers.com)
Russell Vargas (www.myspace.com/russellvargas)
Dave Madix (www.kingkeymusic.com)
DJ SCHATZ (www.chillinproductions.com)

Visuals by:

Art exhibit by:
Captain And Commander
New Works By Henry Lewis and Keli Reule

* 944 Magazine will launch it's first addition of their Arts and Culture
Issue! (www.944.com)*

When: Saturday October 4, 2008
Where: 111 Minna Gallery (www.111minnagallery.com)
$6 at the door
Must be 21+ ID

For more info go to:

Also Check out our favorite t-shirt blogg

Thank you to our great sponsors:
944 Magazine (www.944.com)
SF Weekly (www.sfweekly.com)
UNSCENE urban navigator (www.unscene.com)
SF Station (www.sfstation.com)
Yelp (www.yelp.com)
Nitevive (www.nitevibe.com)
Vanderkitten (www.vanderkitten.com)
Breast Cancer Emergency Fund (www.bcef-sf.org)
This Old Bag (tob.bcef-sf.org)
AIDS Emergency Fund (www.aef-sf.org)
Ipling (www.ipling.com)
LatinLounge.tv (www.LatinLounge.tv)
111 Minna Gallery (www.111minnagallery.com)
Spork Restaurant (sporksf.com)
Addiction Hair Salon (www.addictionhairsalon.com)
Lucid Beauty (www.lucidbeauty.com)
Hair Play (www.hairplay.com)
Access Institute for psychological services (www.accessinst.org)
The Innovative Fashion Council of San Francisco (www.ifcsf.com)
Style Industry (www.styleindustry.com)
Mosio (www.mosio.com)
Ladybrille (www.ladybrille.com)
Legend Magazine (www.legendmag.net)
Red Poppy Art House (www.redpoppyarthouse.org)
Mars Bar (www.marsbarsf.com)
Ovahere (www.ovahere.com)
Thread Show (www.threadshow.com)
RAG (www.ragsf.com)
Stitch Lounge (www.stitchlounge.com)
Dirtyhertz (www.dirtyhertz.com)
Primo Promotes (www.primopromotes.com)
Nofu ( www.nofu.com)
House of Dolores Moore
Hope Flight Foundation (www.hopeflightfoundation.org)
Nomadika (www.nomadika.com)
Fashionbliss (www.fashionbliss.com)
Jules Beauty (www.julesmakeupsf.com)
Blowfish Sushi (www.blowfishsushi.com)
Little Yellow Perfect (www.littleyellowperfect.com)
Porcelynne (www.porcelynne.com)
Ibarra Knight Photography (www.ibarraknight.com)
Monavie (www.monavie.com/%5F/controller.html)

Here are the designers involved in the October 4 show:

1. Tucky Mama (www.tuckymama.com)
2. Gytha Mander - www.gythamander.com
3. REVL - www.REVL.net
4. Booty Boutique www.bootyboutique.com
6. "Recover Your Thoughts" (www.recoveryourthoughts.com)
7. Heathen ( www.myspace.com/wearheathen)
8. Life Clothing
9. La Plata, designed by Madlene (www.laplatadesigns.com)
10. Vanessa Salazar (thedb.com/vanessa_salazar)
11. Integrity Fashions (www.integrityfashions.com)
12. Kucoon (www.kucoondesigns.com)
13. RH: Original (www.cavecreation.com) (www.unique-gift-art.com)
14. Cara Lyndon Designs (www.caralyndon.com)
15. Mad February (www.madfebruary.com)
16. Invisible Hero Industrie (www./myspace.com/invisibleheroindustries)
17. Slutz Get Jealous(www.slutzgetjealous.com )
18. Medium Reality
19. Solsis (www.solsis.net)
?20. OdileOdette (www.odileodette.com)
21. Revel Industries (www.revelindustries.net)
22. Tessa Kemp Jewelry (www.tessakemp.com)
23. O'Lover Hats (www.oloverhats.com)
24. Mison (www.misonlee.com)
25. Strydye (www.strydye.com)
26. Taryn Lin Design (www.tarynlin.etsy.com)
27. Amanda Lynn (www.myspace.com/amandalynnpaintings)
28. Flame Angel Design (www.flameangeldesign.com)
29. Sondra Osuchowski (www.funkyandfabulous.com)
30. Silvana Danies (www.silvanadanies.com)
31. Kevin Harris ( www.kevinharristextile.com)
32. Callou (www.callou.com)
33. Maducca (www.maducca.com)
34. Rajput Designs
35. IBISS (www.ibiboutique.com)
36. Beth Bloom designs (www.bethbloomdesigns.com)
37. Gypsies and Lords ( www.gypsiesandlords.com)
38. Kaatje design www.kaatjedesign.net

~~~~~~> 39. Spirit Joy Designs (www.kayasattva.com)

40. Threads by Cho-Cho (www.threadsbycho-cho.com)
41. Sophistafunk Hats
42. Honeycomb Jewelry (www.honeycombjewelry.com)
43. fuffy j (www.fuffyj.com)
44. Harlequin (www.harlequinfeltworks.com)
45. Mikobella Designs (Http://gallery.mac.com/tabella1)
46. Lynn Eye Style (www.Lynneyestyle)
47. Mixerfriendly (www.mixerfreindly.com)
48. Engracia Jewelry
49. Pink Voodoo Jewelry
50. Artefacture (www.artefacture.com)
51. 2.7.9 Designs
52. Tenacious Little Monkey (www.tenaciouslittlemonkey.com)
53. Taste O' Brazil (www.tasteobrazil.com)
54. Bound
55. REPLIKA (www.replikawear.com)
56. Palm Creations (www.palmcreations4u.com)
57. Monica Chey
58. 1228 (www.twelvetwentyeight.com)
59. Faze Apparel (www.fazeapparel.com)
60. Lady Bird SF ( www.ladybirdsf.com)
61. Liliana Swearingen


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Thu, September 11, 2008 - 4:39 PM
Ha !
I had a show at 111 Minna when they first opened in the nineties...
Good luck,
Sounds like more of a party than an art show,but I hope you sell lots -o-stuff...
Sat, September 13, 2008 - 4:38 PM
Me too!
..and know what you mean..