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Thank you Elijah !!~

   Mon, July 30, 2007 - 10:09 AM

in the midst of life's unbound stream of emotions,
it's power-full and oh so natural to sit still with balance.

this picture speaks volumes
and I'm honored to have been given
its dedication..

Thank you Elijah !!~


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Mon, July 30, 2007 - 10:12 AM
Beautiful! I am speechless!
Mon, July 30, 2007 - 10:26 AM
:: my honor bella ::
to know a being as gifted and as balanced as you are Ms K.
Mon, July 30, 2007 - 5:51 PM

Hi Beautiful~

You inspire love and serenity wherever you walk~

Sat, September 1, 2007 - 7:22 AM
I love this picture
What u do is beautiful and
I simply admire you.