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united we stand in line, divided we blog
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I am amazed I made it through my whole damn tribe list to clear out new comments from the years since Tribe choked!
Sun, April 17, 2011 - 5:05 PM permalink - 1 comment
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December 9, 2004
When I met MT, I knew I had met someone special. We have met up in 5 cities in 3 countries - the heart knows no distance. He is dangerously irresistible, heartbreakingly sweet, and impossibly beautiful. He is my best friend and my most favorite boy in the world!!
February 11, 2004
I have seen this man juggle with multiple Danes.

I have witnessed him dance with flaming torches while balanced on a board which is balanced on a rolling cylinder.

I have espied him teaching the finer basics of sleight-of-hand to 7-year old hyperactive boys, and walk away virtually unscathed.

I bear testimony to his remarkable prestidigitation, and his ability to delight, awe, and mesmerize hundreds using naught but a transparent plastic sphere.

And he can dance & charm his way through the world like he's Fred Astaire's bastard child.

But the most phenomenal thing that he does, is be a friend.

He may drop a club or a ball, but he is unfailing in the art of sincere friendship.

And that's why, aside from my admiration, he receives my love.

My hat's off to you, maestro and friend.
December 3, 2003
woo! woo! baby, nice abs! yowza.
November 12, 2003
He's a Jedi in a top hat. Uses mind control to get me to drink lots of bourbon. You didn't knock that bottle over accidentally did you! You willed it to the ground you son of a bitch!
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Before you add me...

I know my network in person...

There's maybe 3 folks on my list I haven't met yet.
Those I add I usually want to meet IRL.

Please don't add me as a token friend-
say hi first and see about that friendship.

That means send me a message and establish a rapport
BEFORE trying to add me to your network...

If you won't say hello and spend some time,
how do I know if I want to be your friend?

Please don't be offended if I decline your friend request otherwise...

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Circo Romani promo video

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Boho carnival with Zigzag

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paths have crossed more than once...

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Taking it off Tribe

When this beauty has faded, and all we're left with is downtime and crashed pages,
I'd like to still know you when tribe goes the way of f'ster into history.
Find me at my performing sites:

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