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♥Anastasia Leigh♥

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I'm not Spoiled, I'm just Selfish!!!
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March 11, 2008
Goddess,fairy,pirate wench,to be all three at once is no small feat,but there is one who does embod enticement,mysticism and pillaging rights and that someone is Anastasia. Pure dynamo,lover,recluse, embodiment of the Goddess herself, Cancer,cat lover,giver....I am honored to know and love her.
November 28, 2007
This Goddess is sure to put a smile on your face (and a hand up your kilt, if you're lucky) ;)!

You have brought so much wisdom, beauty, laughter, and pure joy into my life! I can't imagine my life with out you. I am blessed to call you friend, but you are much more than that...You are my family.

As Denise says, "we were all cut from the same fabric." Out of the fabric, an amazingly beautiful tapestry is being made.

I love you.

July 28, 2007
Anastasia is an naughty angel. She came to me with great love to deliver a "present". What a wonderful new friend I have made!!! Cindy knew how to pic 'em.....Saucey, sexy, and wickedly adorable. Love, Bounty
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Sugar 'n Spice!

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Slime 'n Snails 'n Puppies Tales

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Brave Scots Haka!!!

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