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Nedra~ Bellydance in WNY

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My Testimonials

January 16, 2008
I love this woman with all my heart and soul. My time spent with her was priceless and a pure joy. My grandaughter Madi fell in love with her and Nedi opened the doors for her dancing to blossom. Anyone lucky enough to know her is truly blessed. I can't wait for the next time.
April 30, 2007
A lovelier spirit you will not find... I love this woman! Not only is she a beautiful artist but a beautiful person. She gives and gives and expects nothing but love and respect in return. That is so amazing to me. Karma being what it is she should get nothing but good in return.
September 1, 2006
Nedra is the busiest bee I know! She is even busier than I am!!

Her heart is made of pure gold. So giving.

I admire her beautiful dance in the face of all she has been through. Brava!

I hope we will work together again, and often.

August 13, 2006
While it may be true that dance involves alot of technique, proper movements, and carefully choreographed steps, Nedra truely understands that it is a spirtual and emotional work of Art. Dancing with Nedra means dancing beautifully, but is also means expressing yourself, however vunerable that may sometimes seem. She will always coax me out of the tried and true 'steps' that I've learned and make me look inward for passion and Art in my movements. It's a whole 'nother bellydancing game.
The world would be a better place if everyone had a chance to dance with Nedra.
NEDRA 4 PRESIDENT! Have I gone too far again?
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June 11, 2006
what can I say about nedra?

not only is she a dancer that could put salome to shame, she is a good natured, kind hearted, nurturing person.

I like her. she is cool.

and she just seems to universally care about people.

and, did I mention she is a GREAT dancer????
May 3, 2006


"If you see a wise person who shows you your faults,
who shows what is to be avoided,
follow that wise person
as you would one who reveals hidden treasures;
you will be better not worse for following that one.
Let one admonish; let one teach; let one forbid the wrong;
and one will be loved by the good and hated by the bad."

I read that, and thought of you. Deeply. May your wisdom continue to lead, and your hidden treasures continue to be revealed.

I look forward to sharing much laughter, light, and goodness with you. It's a sad shame that others are so blinded by their *OWN* unhappiness, because they are missing out on some of the most wonderful experiences, open doors, and blissful moments.

Namaste, my friend...
Leslie/Parivash - "Boo" :)

October 23, 2005
I don't think Nedra has a bad bone in her body. She's a beautiful dancer. When I have been under stress due to drama or with personal issues, she always has kind wise words and good advice for me. I am happy that she has a beautiful home and family. This girl has a passion for dance and when I watch her dance I can see it. She's a sweetheart :)
October 4, 2005
You are so sweet and generous to help me get started with this tribenet stuff.

Thank you so much for your big heart and willingness to share.

Your heart and spirit are in the right place and a welcome addition to our avocation...

August 18, 2005
I'm so happy that has provided the opportunity for me to become friends with Nedra. She has such a beautiful heart and a golden soul. I love being able to keep up with her every day here.

I applaud her goals and desires to help victims of domestic violence through bellydance. It's a cause close to my heart, and I'm grateful that Nedra has take up this cause for her own.

I'll get up north one day again, and I'll be sure to go see dearest Nedra for some big hugs!
April 30, 2005
I am very thankful to Nedra.. who introuduce me about
its really help to get me new contacts and very good bussiness on my web pages.. i m so thankful how she discribe me about tribe...
i proud to be your freind Nedra
April 27, 2005
Nedra is the best belly dancer I know! She's really caring and generous and overall a pretty cool sister-in-law. Also she's the one who invited me to, so yay!
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Dance until you shatter yourself ~Rumi

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if you're not appalled yet, look closer

reminder: all music for the June 18th Albright Knox show is due in my hand by April 1st!

workshop weekend June 19th-20th with Sarah Skinner (and more! details to follow!)

Nedra's 40th Birthday bellybash on June 19th!
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