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   Thu, October 25, 2007 - 9:42 AM
The Huacachina Oasis beckoned with its remote lagoon & surrounding sand dunes...going on for miles & miles. But first, I had to check out the infamous Ica stones in a museum in central Ica. These are supposed to be millions of years old with carvings of dinosaurs, advanced operations & spacemen! But alas it was closed (later I found out it is virtually never open). Echoing the research of Michael Cremo´s Forbidden Archaeology, I will try again in a cople of days. This is too interesting not to investigate.

I went to the Regional Archaeological museum instead & saw mummies with ginger hair & red turbans. Childress calls these the ´Atlantean League´!! Remnants of the giants that frequented these lands.

Hmmm, anyway, I got to Huacachina & started relaxing. A beautiful oasis, very touristy...but no tourists. I immediately booked a trip to the famous ´Candlestick of the Andes´, a carved design on the side of a hardened sand dune, similar to the Nasca lines, but only viewable from the sea. Some say it was a pirates beacon, Von Daniken says its a pointer for UFO´s to Nasca (not the correct direction though Eric!), whilst it seems like a representation of the Souther Cross constellation that once rose above this view. The mystery remains.

As part of the boat tour I witnessed sea lions, pelicans & hundreds of tonnes of bird poo on the nearby Paracas islands. Lovely. Back to Huacachina & I meet two great guys on a stall & hang out, smoke & eat with them discussing the mystery of these Nasca lines & the enigmatic Virococha.

After an earthquake in my sleep (well, a small tremor), I awoke to go swimming, followed by sunbathing, thinking of the Ica stones. Were they really that old? A taxi ride to Ica & the museum is closed again! Oh well, that mystery is keeping quiet. On the bus going through Pisco, I see the devestation of the August earthquake with tents erected & Unesco working their magic. Pisco was at the epicentre.

I pondered the unusual 6,900 huge holes neatly cut into solid rock that was discovered by satellite photography in the nearby valley of Cajamarquilla. What could they have been used for? Water? Earthquake prevention? I whizzed past wondering who did it & why? Anyway, a little sleep then to Lima to plan my trip north with Frank.


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