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Tue, February 2, 2010 - 4:59 PM permalink - 0 comments
I don't know if I understand Polyamory completely but it sounds similiar to what kind of relationship I invision myself in.
My dream(serious) relationship is a 3 sum. I won't give you the entire history of myself or the minor details on my vision....Anywho
I think a relationship could & would work between myself and 2 other bi-sexual girls....Its not a sex thing but a relationship thing. Up until now I havn't been able to make a 1 on 1 relationship work as I am a loner at heart. and I need a lot of space in a relationship. I believe if I were to live with 2 girls I would be allowed that space as the 2 girls would have their time together. Don't get me wrong.... as discussion of other selected few person(s) would be allowed to play with us but only after the 3 of us have approved this person and safe sex measures would be a must..
The hardest part of this scenerio would be to have the full attraction(emotional, Intelectual & physical) be mutual between all 3 individuals involved or as close to as possible(as 33%33% & 33% does not make 100% or PERFECT RELATIONSHIP in any way . Keeping the jeolousy factor to a minimum would seem the hardest hurdle.
Anywho if you have read this far then you got too much time on your hands or this idea intrigues you..Attractive ladies with open minds nudge nudge hint hint.>Rye Rye.
I am not a very sexual creature (physically) unless we be speaking mentally so this would be another reason I would need another female in this equation(to take sum of the load of my shoulders)
In theory I would love 3 physically attracted, open minded, lovers that would concentrate their energies into building a true friendship and an emotional bond that could er would be ready to take on the world> Emotionally...Physically....Spiritually and Financially! The True Tests WiLL Be In The DETAILS!
The # three(3) is an ODD number but I believe (myself included) ODD People are Interesting and the GOAL of achieving TRUE BALANCE would be a task for ODD, Adventerous and Strong Souls to Experiment in...
Input on the actual Polyamory aspect (as in definition) would be greatly be appreciated...
Input on my actual fantasy relationship(am I being too selfish etc.?) would also be appreciated...
~Ryan Marc
Tue, April 7, 2009 - 11:15 PM permalink - 2 comments
Recipe for the NOW:
a mixing bowl of peace on earth to come...

2 cups of self and world awareness
0 ingrediants of future poverty, prejudice, and hate-red blood no longer spills
1 Tablespoon of UnconditionaL LovE
2 Teaspoons of Future HOPE

Soo much to do and soo little time to repair this dyeing planet...
Our Future is:
On to Changing Our Ways
NOW is The Time
Sun, December 14, 2008 - 12:15 PM permalink - 4 comments
Yesterday was the longest day of the year,
and the shortest night of the year is near.
Nothing more to fear...
as finally Summertime is here
Happy Summer Solstice ALL.
Sun, June 22, 2008 - 11:51 PM permalink - 1 comment
In Jacob's Ladder the main character was dying and in his search for the Truth
he saw Demons everywhere he looked. Only when he accepted
the Demons were really Angels helping him to see The Light
could he discover the Truth and enter The Light.

If Truth and The Light do not discern between Angels and Demons,
because the main character decides... How do the Angels and Demons
discern their roles in the opening acts before the main character decides?

Are all things without intent until the observer defines intent? Are there no
Angels and no Demons save for those we create? Do we all delude ourselves
through the alchemy of fear, joy and expectation?

Quantum reality manifest? If so, by what standard does "the real world" operate?

Certainly the world wasn't built on good intentions and user-defined realities.
What's the "real" common denominator? Is the "real world" simply 'A' world
pulled over your eyes to blind you from the Truth?'

I guess I'll just have to decide for myself, as will we all. Doing the best we can to
protect and preserve the ethics, constructs and ideals we hold dearest. Trusting
our intentions (when good) will be understood, respected and appreciated for the
value they have to teach each other how to turn Demons into Angels en-route to
discovering Truth and entering The Light
Sat, June 30, 2007 - 11:45 PM permalink - 2 comments
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December 27, 2006
sun ~ you are like the sun to me ~ you glow like the sun ~ you smile like the sun ~ and your hair is yellow like the sun ~ thank you for being my true family freind and a brother to me ~ Psy Rye ~
November 8, 2005
ryE is a special & silly boy
but these qualities you must employ:
sincerity, humor, & affection
with a serious connection
for a long & happy friendship to enjoy.
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