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July 15, 2004
She's just peachy!
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design of all kinds, thinking logically, thinking dirty, being naughty, inventing new things, reading tons of educational nonfiction, finding spelling and grammar errors everywhere and then shaking my fist with frustration, reading erotica & porn stories but trying to ignore all the spelling/usage/grammar mistakes, making analogies, connecting new information to the stuff already in my brain, creating stuff that people like to use or look at, harmless flirtation, briefly entertaining thoughts I would never indulge, masturbating, napping (especially in a beam of sunlight), retaining a sense of awe and fascination with the multitude of stuff in this world, admiring antiques & decrepit objects, loving that I have a long-term photographic memory, hating that I have terrible short-term memory, smoking the pot (and eating the chocolate) anyhow, believing in alternatives to incarceration, continuously increasing my capacity for empathy, becoming more and more socialist by the day, feeling bitter at cold-hearted social conventions, trying to be open-minded without letting on, arguing for the sake of understanding both sides better, being condescending, apologizing more than I should, the local food movement, the DIY community (especially etsy &, gardening, lounging, indulging myself in a plethora of creative tangents as each day progresses, imitating Eric Cartman (out loud and on screen), talking shit just for the hell of it, winning the approval of creative and intellectual geniuses, people who communicate clearly and unambiguously even when invoking lolcats, the tribes where the cool kids hang out (otherwise known as NAMBLA), dreaming about sex in zero gravity, listening to NPR news, being a broken record about certain things, really intense orgasms, getting high with the right people, super icy-cold beer, really sexy hip-hop and R&B songs, breaking taboos, being considerate & thoughful, girls with armpit hair, boys without much hair, a well-formed unibrow, baby-hair moustaches, pirate earrings, soft bellies, trees & their shade, being lusted after, being doted on, a trace of armpit & ballsack odor, puppies and kittens and other baby animals, smooth hardwood floors, clean floors, clean feet, eveningtime harmonies of crickets and frogs, kinsey, video games, being my own variety of feminist, pocket watches, tap dancing, pianos, (did I say beer?), CTRL+Z, natural light, really hot sex, cute smiles.

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zah zah zah zah zah

Hells yeah, bitches. Hypno, you earned this one!
Sun, June 6, 2010 - 4:34 AM permalink - 2 comments
awesomeness. i am soooo jealous of this person, i can't even tell you.
Mon, March 22, 2010 - 12:30 PM permalink - 2 comments
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