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Lightbearer, Divine Mama, iconoclast. Rastawoman, poet, intuitive healer, musicmaker, tantric lover, DJ, singer/songwriter. Fairy goddess, spinner of realities, worlds, vid-jans. Spiritual Alchemist. AUM-AH-HUM
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"Christ Consciousness Real-Eyes-ed"
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Shimshai and the Natural MystiquEnsemble,
( local favorites » bands / djs / musicians ) "Christ Consciousness Real-Eyes-ed" I highly recommend the CDs "I Sense Your Presence", and "Toward the One", as well as the latest CD with Tina Malia, called, "Jaya Bhajavan". This is the music of the angels, both celestial and terrestrial. You can hear and download free samples... read more
recommendation posted on Tue, August 2, 2005 - 7:05 AM
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January 7, 2008
Many are working very hard to create a world with enough money for everyone.
A world with more equality.
Why not take it a step further? Actually skip the money, and create a world that
doesn't rely on money!
Love becomes the new currency, and all are rich, indeed!
(For Love is All There Is.)
Mon, January 7, 2008 - 5:26 PM permalink - 1 comment
We are the Ones (Messiahs) we have been waiting for. The evil force feeds off of our fear. All we have to do is have courage, the simple antidote to fear. Prepare, and store water and food if it makes you feel more prepared. Let's be wise, but calm and centered in our love for humanity and our Higher Selves. Compassion will become the currency of the present and future. It is time. We must be the change we want to see in the world. As my friend pointed out, this oppression is nothing new, b... read more
Tue, August 21, 2007 - 5:13 PM permalink - 3 comments
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