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No balls inside but a tiny bottle

You can't do this with balls inside!
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What help balls without any dick?

empty cage
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If gender is lost...

Men have dicks, wifes hafe cunts, eunuchs have neither
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Male or female?

at the end just genderlessness
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My Bio

about me
There are some guys, who have all reasons to be proud about a huge dick.

Of course most cocks are average, .

Some boys have bad luck because the size of their manhood is too small.

But a freak like me with a hole instead a penis is really unique.

Once I had been a pathetic sissy with a too tiny dick. But my manhood shrank more and more and so I'm nothing else than genderless now! Please take a look and then you will understand why I can't do anything else than to watch how respectable dicks force my dear wife into ecstasy:
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