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MLA Meta-Magick Course Starts Today!

   Mon, October 6, 2008 - 8:23 AM
The MLA Meta-Magick Course starts today! If you haven't registered
yet,there's still time to join in. If you've already registered,
you'll soon get your login information from MLA administration.

Register for this course now if you:

- Want to practice Meta-Magick techniques and get feedback from the instructor!

- Are wondering about methods to practice these exercises as solo magick!

- Want to develop your abilities to perceive and communicate with entities, your ability to change your own neurology at will, to transmit ideas and entities into the collective consciousness, and much more!

- Hope to add power and congruence to whatever form of magick or ritual you practice!

Much more info here:

Maybe Logic Academy:

Enrollment Page:


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