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John Smallman: A Peace Meditation Invitation for Friday August 15th 2014.

   Thu, August 14, 2014 - 11:55 PM

A Peace Meditation Invitation for Friday August 15th 2014.
August 14, 2014 by John Smallman

Peace meditation

Hi Friends, Readers, and Listeners,

Quite recently I mentioned a World Peace Meditation for Friday August 15th 2014 that I had heard about. I then tried Googling for it and found NONE!

So, OK. The 15th of August is a day for honoring Mother Mary in memory of her bodily assumption into heaven to be reunited with her son Jesus, some 2000 years ago. From her heavenly home she is constantly watching over us most lovingly, responding to each and every individual or collective call that we make to her, because she is also our mother. And that is one of the reasons that we honor her on this day. We could think of it as “Mother’s Day” for our Mother Mary.

Well, we all know that we NEED a collective human change of heart here on Earth now to finally bring to an end the eons of suffering, betrayal, torture, conflict, and war in which we have engulfed ourselves. Mother Mary can and will help us with this if we ask her humbly and sincerely.

Now that we have moved firmly into the New Golden Age let us all open our hearts in LOVE, and with the power that that provides spend 30 minutes in meditation together on this Friday, August 15th 2014, intending to be in her presence and holding the intent to love, honor, respect, and forgive one another for all the hurts that we think and believe we have been subjected to, and by doing so bring lasting peace to our earthly home.

Only by forgiving ourselves and one another can we move forward to experience the peace, joy, and happiness that this New Age is offering us. It is there waiting for us to accept it. And to accept what is offered means that we each have to release our individual hold on anger, resentment, judgment, and condemnation of others, and our belief that we are entitled to restitution for the pain that we have experienced.

We are mirrors to one another, so what I believe I have suffered at the hands of another is really what I have inflicted upon myself, appearing as a lesson for me so that I may learn to forgive both myself and others. To forgive brings peace, it truly does! So let us all join in a holy meditation and forgive everyone, and then experience the wonderful, the absolutely amazing peace that ensues. It is we who are changing the world, moving it towards unconditional Love and Peace, OR towards more anger hate, and resentment depending on whether we open our hearts to accept and share Love, or close them by holding on to grudges, distrust, and a desire for vengeance and restitution.

I shall spend 30 minutes in meditation this Friday from 12.00 noon, East Coast or New York time, holding this intent, and I invite you to join with me. Each one taking part increases the power of Love that we embrace and share . . . exponentially! So let’s do it. AND, as time is of the illusion, if you are unable to meditate at that illusory time, know that just by making the intent to be a part of this group meditation your period of meditation, at any time that works for you, will effectively occur in the now moment when we all meditate.

Love and hugs to you all,


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Fri, August 15, 2014 - 9:39 AM
Gift of Life Prayers (a.k.a. the Forgiveness Prayers) by Howard Wills

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Your Life Is Your Prayer

As You Live, So You Are

You Are The Maintainer and Creator Of Your Own Health And Reality

The More You Love And Bless Yourself And All Creation, The More Your Self And All Creation Loves And Blesses You

Live, Love, Enjoy And Appreciate The Gift Of Life

Love And Bless Yourself And All Creation Daily

And Be Filled With Life. Love and Light

Work At It, Achieve It, And Maintain It Through The Practice Of Living

Practice – Practice – Practice

All Day, Every Day

Give Thanks, Be Humble Always

And Remember

Life Begets Life

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