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Laughing Buddha / Smiling Yoga Meditation

   Mon, May 7, 2007 - 8:41 PM
Sit down, relax
Breathe and smile.
Be happy, be peaceful
Let's practice the smiling yoga.
Smile. Smile even more. Smile as if you were enlightened.
Happy, blissful, delighted.
A happy camper on the shore of nirvana's shining sea.
Smile. Grin. Be silly
Breathing in. Relax your mind.
Breathing out, smile, smile, smile,
And smile.
Buddhas have more fun.
So try to look as enlightened as you can.
Why pretend to be unhappy, harried, and miserable?
Since we all pretend anyway,
Why not pretend to be happy for a change?
See how that feels.
Try to look and act as if you are totally enlightened.
What would that look like?
Free, joyful, light, and buoyant.
Glorious, radiant, peaceful.
Perfectly content and fulfilled.
Fully evolved.
Awakened Buddha.
Be Buddha.
You too can do it.
Be Buddha. You-dha.
Become Buddhaful.
Smile wildly, turn your head upward, elevate your spirit.
Let the mind unfurl and the heart soar.
Press your shining face up against the heavens,
Open to blessings, loving acceptance and forgiveness.
Look as enlightened as you possibly can.
Smile happily.
Why not be happy?
Allow joy to happen.
Don't close yourself up.
Be "there" now.
Be happy. Be peaceful. Be whole, complete, luminous;
Be at home and at ease before your own hearth
An organic homegrown American Home-Buddha in his or her own,
natural Buddha-field.
Smile, Home Buddha.
Enjoy yourself.
Be yourself, your true self.
Enjoy it. You deserve it.
Be happy.
Be Buddhaful
Be happy
Be beautiful
You are.

-Lama Surya Das


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Wed, May 9, 2007 - 2:45 PM
For sure...Best Medecine for Body, Mind & Spirit !
Beautiful reminder!
.. as Smiles happen in the Here & Now,
whatever is the past, the only reality is
the beauty of now...
Lovely WaterLily îmage !
(my favored water- plant)
Sat, May 10, 2008 - 4:35 PM
Yes indeed, I needed this reminder.