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Hear + a simple 't' = Heart....

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Adorable Gold Fishy

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Ain't No Reason...

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Thankgiving Star

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Pitifully Paperless

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My Up To's...

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Promises, made to be broken, & to break

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Roller Coaster

I know I have been absent as of late--actually, for awhile now. Life has been a real challenge in time, work, relationships...The ride has not been kind enough to slow down so that I could at least jump from the car I'm strapped inside.

My friends, my love for you has not diminished in the least. Not a day goes by that the pangs of guilt do not tug at me to drop a line, a smile, a hug or a simple nudge in your in box. But, when e'er I sit and begin to type, the gravity of all that is present becomes overwhelming and any simple sentence seems inadequate or forced or impossible.

I am strong. I am alive. I am moving forward. My steps will sync with yours soon.

Love, Peace and Serenity my dear kindred creatures.

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Drink Deep...

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~Kahlil Gibran

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My Humble Rants & Ramblings...

about me
Hippie chick following the winds of change...I am a budding metal smith, enameling copper and silver...Loving working the metal; the texture and juxtaposition of the cool metal and the flowing glass..In short, anything creative I am down with.....If I'm not in the studio, or elbow deep in some other creative endeavor, you'll find me in awe of a mountain view, or gazing at a glorious sunset over the ocean...Any time I can party with Mother Nature is a good day...
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My Meandering Mind...

In the Name of


Compels the blind to see,
The heedful to be dazed.

It is the nucleus of peace,
The impetus of war.


Feeds the soul with song,
The mind with revelation...and reservation.

It is ageless, boundless, fearless,
Utterly wise, wholly ignorant.


The abstruse muse of existence.
Vindication for dissolution.

It celebrates birth,
Grieves upon death.


Begins as, a spark...
The ripened flame; immortal.

It inspires amazin... read more
Sun, February 1, 2009 - 11:12 AM permalink - 5 comments
An invitation, gather 'round.
Welcome here where tales abound
Of maidens fair and gentlemen,
A journey wandered now and then.

A primrose path, a thorny deed.
Romance or a murderous seed.
Light and fresh or deep and dark.
A fevered pace, a dreamer's spark.

Take a ride on silken threads,
As many colored layers are shed.
Phrase by phrase as strokes of brush,
A painted story, full and lush.

A revelation, a silly bit.
Parts of wholes as pieces fit.
Weaving here and bobbing ther... read more
Wed, January 14, 2009 - 6:23 PM permalink - 3 comments
The siren moon rubs her eyes and wakes
To flirt with midnight's enchanting stars...
I lay there, between the cool sheets,
Gazing out the window,
Witnessing the courtship...
A sweet peaceful dance
As the night frolics while the day sleeps.

I Drift...

Slumber tugs at the corners of my mind,
Scenes from life...
Playing like a picture show behind my lids.

Music stealing my thoughts from reality's grasp,
I follow her lead...


I am on a city street i... read more
Sun, January 11, 2009 - 6:19 PM permalink - 3 comments
I wake
I ache
Of everything.

Is another day.
Will I wake
Any more assured
That my yesterday
Was in sync
With my tomorrow?

Does the choice today
Care anything
For my tomorrow?
Or does he cruelly jest
While watching me
Stumble clumsily about
On these weak legs...

The quiet moments.
I hush them in the rhythm
Of melodies that
I ride...

I don't want
To run...but
The proverbial wind
Cools my face,
Dries the tears.
And ... read more
Tue, December 30, 2008 - 5:32 PM permalink - 6 comments
Awhile back, one of our tribe members posted this prose that kind of struck a not so positive chord in me. He was an excellent writer in many ways, but I think he rather enjoys pushing buttons. He has since left us and I can only hope that he's found what he was/is looking for. There is a fine line we walk between genius and insanity...sometimes the temptation is far too great to cross over.

And so, I am giving credit where credit is due and I would like your objective opinion both on hi... read more
Sun, December 28, 2008 - 1:24 PM permalink - 7 comments
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Acclamations, Adulations & Celebrations

February 16, 2009
Anyone who has surfed on the various tribes around must have notice that Trish is one of the absolutely most beautiful and sensual women ever to grace this planet with her presence. However, in addition to her unlimited beauty and radiating sexyness she has a truly wonderful personal depth and she is creative, artistic and a poetic master. She often put words to other peoples inner feelings and expresses herself with beauty as well. Add to that her naughty and funny side you have a dream woman.

If I ever had to live the rest of my life on a deserted island, Trish is the one I would love to have there with me. She would satisfy my need for intellectual challenges and she would create an athmosphere of art and creativity both verbally and physically and I would love pleasing her fantastic body and mind in any way possible

Be well my dear friend
January 16, 2009
Your words are carried on the waves of sensations and have a home in your body,,,

Theres power in the curves of the melodies you sing,,,

I'm glad you've found a home in the rythyms of your soul and your words have the melody that is your from birth,,,
January 10, 2009
Although our time has been brief...

The power contained within the shell is self-evident.

and radiant....

Ms. Repose is quite the writer, quite the poet, quite the burning spirit so gently contained. A velvet band, a belt of velour...

The pleasure is mine, to be sure, to have stumbled across such a flower...such a recondite rhododendron swaying amongst the blustery breeze of this world.

Sit, and watch with me, as she blooms.
January 6, 2009
Miles away we may be, but this woman has a soul that is always there. Intellect, emotion, beauty, talent, empathy; all the qualities that man can want in a woman or in all of humanity resides in this one person. The world is a better place knowing that the existence of this incredible person is indeed real. Thank you for being here!
December 29, 2008
This is one hell of a woman;


a lady
a woman
a goddess

desirable above all


yet fully seasoned
Stirred but never shaken
bent yet unbreakable

Wish I had one just like her.
One hell of a woman, a real woman
December 20, 2008
Quixotic! Quixotic!! Quixotic!!!
What can I say about this Beauty!?
How do I put into words a proper description so that those mere Mortals in Tribeland can understand how wonderful she really is?

Well, here goes....

Quixotic is a mixture of sweet, sweet goodness that simply cannot be duplicated any where else on Earth
She is equal parts Artistic and Creative talent
She is a delectibly sweet & sassy little Southern Belle
She is a Muse who inspires those around her and who have the honor and joy of knowing her
She is a fascinating mix of Intelligence, Compassion and Kindness
She is a Pistol-packin' little pepper of spicy spitfireness with a wonderful sense of humor
She is a Beauty whose dark, sexy and smoldering good looks has managed to captivate, intrigue and mesmorize THIS Fallen Angel to no end

Having this wickedly adorable, sweet and sexy Being as a friend?
Well...I consider myself to be a VERY Lucky Devil indeed :)
December 19, 2008
There are times when Q appears soft as a puppy but do not be fooled.
This is one awesome tough lady. She is the type that you could wake up with in a fleabag hotel room with one shoe on, no clothes to be found, a little blood on your face, and no money - but not mind a bit!

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