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about me
- I can make a clicking sound with my tongue that sounds like castanets.

- I can teach you how to break on your rollerblades.

- Become my good friend, and I'll never lie to you.

- I like dogs, kids and old people. (Well, not ALL old people, actually not all dogs or kids either. Okay, okay, it's more of a theoretical statement than an absolute.)

- I found a live Black Widow spider in grapes a bought from Albertsons.

- Single again.
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Words of Wisdom...

January 5, 2004
What I like about him most is the leisure with which he simply is himself at all times... I will run into him and see the same warm and open smile and interact with the same friendly and great guy each time, and it makes me smile too... and I think to myself... I just like Ralph! He is balanced and wise and definitely always funny and willing to lend a helping hand, and that's just a great friend to have and great person to know :)
Not to mention that he is one of the few people I came accross who was man enough to eat breaded brains when I was cooking... (Eating brains comes with being Transylvanian, sorry folks, it is my favorite dish... yummmyyyyyyyyyy, aghhhhhhhhhhh, so gooood :)))))
Anyway, point is he's got my vote :) Ralph, you rockin!
January 3, 2004
Ralph has the pragmatic vision of an artist.
December 27, 2003
Ralph is the mysterious Third Force that adds the special ingredient that sets the balance right. A fine example is when I'm doing a crossword puzzle with Beatriz (nevermind if you don't know her.) Just at the point when Bea and I are stumped, Ralph comes along and gives it shot. Well, you can pretty much anticipate the "Voila!" that is deliriously belted out when he opens up the rest of that darned puzzle for us. Ralph is the kind of guy who does that, and I don't mean just crossword puzzles, mind you, but other stuff. Too. Really. Other, um, ya know, stuff and things. And junk. Ya know. Things. He's good at that.
December 19, 2003
Ralph is the first REAL friend that I made when I came to LA in '96...and he has lived up to every letter of the word F-R-I-E-N-D!! He is the type of person that freely opens his home to you when you are in need, and he does it without restriction, reservation, or condition...I know this because I have "needed" many times since meeting him. Like the time I lived with my girlfriend and we broke up, like the time I lost my apartment and job, or when my roommate sold his house and I had to move out quickly, and like the time I decided to become a professional jiggalo/ bounty hunter (I never made a dime). Ralph deserves the best of life...because he has earned it!
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