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Rich DDT's SF Sift Events List

is now located at:

check this site daily for all the best music, festivals, art and underground events in SF!

FYI I mostly use Facebook these days so hit me up there (link below)

Rich DDT

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Inquisitively discerning. Eagerly mesmerized. Positively buoyant.
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Current Burning Man Art Projects

Interactive Art Installations:

Vortexual Time Machine:
-sealed time portal chamber
-swirling plasma vortex
-plasma reaction utilizes renewable organic resources (water, barley, yeast, malt)
-4 outer time coil injectors
-4 inner time coils
-multiphasic tachyon receiver
-time navigator console
-high capacity cabling for power injection and audio signal transmission
-liquid exhaust tube ("beer bong")

Resonant Ruben's Ring:
-a semicircular Ruben's Tube tracing from 2:00 to 10:00 (mimicking the Esplanade)
-sound generation devices located in center: DDR pad, Guitar Hero guitar, theremin
-buttons trigger pure tones which generate flaming sine wave patterns around the agent
Ruben's Tube specifications:

Waterfall Wheel:
-the famous spiral waterfall/pinwheel illusion:
recreated in steel sculpture from 2 adjacent discs (contrast: steel vs sky)
-proximity detection causes rotation of discs to speed up as agent nears; illusion smoothly intensifies from waterfall to strobe
-experiment with two approaches from two different sides

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Electro Hop Vol. I & II Tracklist

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SF Events List Archive 3/1/08-6/29/08

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Rich DDT

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