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December 4, 2006
Told him too much, he listened. Went to the gatherings he put himself out for, aprreciated him, Good guy, all around, thanks Gary!!!
April 28, 2005
Gary is one of my best buddies! since Burning Man '01' he has let me jump into thwe drivers seat at Radio Electra and run in any direction I want to. He spends untold time and energy making Radio Electra happen every year and for that I love this guy! One of the best ways I can compliment Gary is to say that no matter how outrageous and over the line I have gotten on Radio Electra, no tonce has he asked me to cut it back. That would include the time that he and I were calling the law enforcement authorities Nazi jack-booted thugs on the air! I could expound upon his many amazing attributes all day, but I will just leave with this one. Gary is my friend!
April 25, 2005
I got to know Gary in '01 on the playa, where he let me do my first late Wed. night "Send Your Mind Over the Edge Show" on his radio station.....then called "Radio Anarchy," if I remember right. From '02 through '04, I had the pleasure of doing several more annual radio shows with Gary (on what became Radio Electra). Man, what fine times they were! During all these years, to this day, Gary has selflessly busted his ass to buy and maintain radio equipment so that Radio Electra can be a reality on the playa. The most amazing thing about it is that Gary rarely gets on the air himself (though when he does, he's hilarious.....I just wish he'd have let us turn the mikes on during our daily briefings on his latest sexual escapades).

There is no ego in this thing.....just an unselfish gift to Black Rock City that Gary works on all year, year after year. To me, that's what Burning Man is all about, and I salute Gary for it and wish Radio Electra nothing but good times for years to come.
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