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February 14, 2007
One can be a right wing liberal or a left wing conservative or none of the above. To those who cannot grasp this then one is simply an annoying pain in ass.

Ron is an annoying pain in the ass.

Ron says what he thinks......sheez......what sort of cunning, conniving, dishonest, cynical bastard does that??
July 1, 2005
Ron is one of the most thoughtful and honest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to not agree with. In my experience, he really is interested in an exchange of ideas.
I know he’ll be mad that I didn’t provide links to back this up…
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Though I typically take right wing perspectives when arguing, here are some left wing opinions of mine: I support abortion rights in most cases. I think that Congress' intervention in the Schiavo case and passing of a partial-birth abortion law were both unconstitutional. I support a single payer, socialized health care system in the US. I oppose Bush's tax cuts and most Republican tax cuts and in fact think the rich should pay more. I would ban all automatic and semi-automatic weapons. I support the legalization of marijuana. I oppose school prayer. I think the state should get out of the marriage business because it has too much of a religious pedigree and should recognize civil unions between any adults who want to be civilly united. I think gay couples should be allowed to adopt in most cases. I think criminal defense lawyers should always get the same level of resources as the prosecution. I think a higher standard of proof should be used in death penalty cases. I think all criminal defense attorneys should be state appointed, or else have a cap on fees to prevent rich folks from getting better representation than poor folks. I think the 14th amendment prohibits discrimination against sexual orientation. I disagree with eliminating estate taxes, and in fact if it didn't have a negative effect on the economy, would rather see an increase in estate taxes (at least for rich folks), since I don't like the idea of economic fiefdoms being passed down by accident of birth. I think far more resources (e.g. spending) should be utilized to try to break the cycle of inner city poverty. I support instant run-off and cumulative voting systems that would give minority groups more power. I think greenhouse emissions should be radically reduced, even if it hurts our economy.
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