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March 17, 2005
Psychic goddess wonderchild...brings vision thru resistance...then truth like wind upon silk
January 13, 2005

The Mercury-child Sabrina that I've known, and re-known again over the years, is a brilliant wondrous being of drifting fantastic light; the darker shadows of balance within her compliment the whole, rooting her back upon our Earth sometimes in a capturing kind of rest. She is both the flourishing tempest, and the warm soft breeze, bringing artistic creation into the world as easily as a wind might bend flame. I have seen the heavens cloud over for her when she sheds tears, and I have heard lightnings of jubilation in the laugher of her heart. There is a fundamental ecstasy about her, that causes one to have pause; for who is this mysterious beauty that would inspire such profound desire? Her eye is like electricity burning strait into one's soul, the freedoms of the mind dwell there as active as the storm, yet hidden in that same eye there can also be found the forlorn sadness of a caged little bird with no strength left to lift the key. All are welcome to her, for the abundance of her sharing playfully abounds, but low be the one who would dare to arbitrarily tame her, for under the constricting beholder her anger indeed knows no bounds. Gently to her, and kindness be, there is not one ever who's friendship you would better see. I will always Love her, but this is no curse; my days have been enlightened by her, through her, because of her, and a greater glory in this existence has been made for me to be able to count myself as one of the few blessed lucky ones that have ever crossed journeys with the spiritual breath of her beautiful Goddess ship...

I Love you Sabrina! May your quest be ever merciful, and may you always live within the Light!
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