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Memekast 024
October 2007

Lefttempo Mix
July 2007

Live @ Word of Mouth SB 5/20/07
Breakbeat to Dubstep to Drum n Bass.

Analogue Metanoia
2x3 Recorded Mix with DMXXII (in Loren's bedroom)
Recorded in 2003
A superbly programmed 2x3 set Loren & I put together of deep, dark, intelligent DNB & Trip Hop.

Valentine's Day Massacre
Mixed 2005
Hard, Deep, Driving, DNB

Mixed 2006
Hard, Deep, Driving, DNB

Live @ Synesthesia SB 3/25/06
Diverse set of Psychedelic/Hip Hop, Midtempo, DNB, & Break-core

Live @ Word of Mouth (roger's) 5/13/03
One of my first Word of Mouth sets, intelligent, abstract, deep, dark DNB

Live @ Word of Mouth SB 5/13/06
Sunrise set of Eastern-themed downtempo & midtempo

2x4 Set with Genji @ Cadence 2005
Drum n Bass assault on 4 turntables.


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Incriminating Information

about me
bass hustler, dust enthusiast, mountain-top spelunker, drunken swordsman, sound engineer
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more inspiration

January 8, 2007
I miss Sam.
December 12, 2006
I never thought writing one of these would be so hard. So many things come to mind when I think of this man, yet most of them pale in contrast to what I really mean to say, or say to mean. Learning and teaching are both journeys that many undertake, but few relish in. I love this man for what he has done for my life, and for those around him. He affects people that don't even know him.

If you pick up a stone to skip it across the water, sometimes it makes it all the way across. Other times it plops right in, creating ripples. Sometimes these ripples turn into tidal waves. People can drown in these tidal waves, but I choose to ride them. Many people are discouraged when they don't make it to the other side. Most don't realize it went exactly where it needed to go.

Waking in this dream is a feat in itself, but allowing yourself to dream of the place we will wake in when this is over is a task that we must all undertake, when we are ready. I know in my heart that Samuel will be there, and we will rejoice in the light. Mayhap the bass will go boom even there....wait. Of course it will. That's silly of me to think otherwise.

Take care of yourself, Samuel Fairweather. I miss you,
Travis Jordan Dabis
March 21, 2006
Viva Voce

[adjective] expressed orally; "a viva-voce report"; "the film had good word-of-mouth publicity"
Synonyms: word-of-mouth

Apparently all along I have been one of your's the pudding...that is if that's where proof comes from.... =)

Just wanted to drop by and give you props on being a good human....always striving for knowlege and peace.

I wish we hung out more.
Ash aka "word of mouth"-vivavoce
November 14, 2005
i just want to testify that i don't think it's possible to give sam as much credit as he is due. i know i certainly don't tell him enough on a day to day basis how much credit i truly give him, though i try to let him know as much as possible.
the accomplishments, material/external as well as the impossible to qualify/quantify internal ones, that this man has worked his way through are innumerable.
and sometimes i forget how fragile a human being can be, despite their nature and qualities.
and sometimes i just wanna pick him up and hold him and protect him from the world.
but it would be a disservice to do so.
he can do it all himself. he can conquer the universe.
and as much as i love him, i have to step back, admire his path of evolution, and feel blessed that i get to be a part of it sometimes.

i love you sam.
you are my brother and my best friend and an integral part of everything i have become.
and i would do anything i could to help you in any way that you might ever need me.
know that.
September 3, 2005
Sam is inspiring. For months now I have looked at this profile and thought to myself, what kind of testimonial shall I write for Sam. He’s one of those people where there’s so much that could be said about him, that there’s no real good way to sum him up in a paragraph or two. Really get down what one thinks about him… but last night as I stopped by for a good moment with the family I noticed Sam using a method of spinning I had never seen before. The concept of the method in itself was just brilliant, but watching him use it and work it and control it... Ya know, you really see how a persons mind works when they're knee deep in their passion and thinking of little else. That’s what I saw in Sam last night... that brilliant madness that takes in sound waves and can read, manipulate and control them. Awe inspiring.
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Neurons Firing or Misfiring

shameless presents :: music ~ sushi ~ art :: LiNdSeY-G ~ CuMuLuS ~ RoBb GrEeN ~ bOhDAi

Date & Time: Thursday, February 19, 2009 more on this date
10:00 PM
Location: Annie's Social Club
917 Folsom at 5th St
San Francisco, CA view map
More Info:

Thursday 02.19.09
~ shameless presents ~

::Shameless Sashimi::
::::::::: AdApToR ::::::::::

startin off with something a little wet and slippery...

~Sha... read more
Wed, February 18, 2009 - 5:46 PM permalink - 0 comments
Bassdrop is BACK!!!!
Thursday, February 12th, 2009
@ Shine (1337 Mission st.)
FREE like always

We told you when we ended Bassdrop a few months ago, it probably wouldn't be the last you've seen of it, & sure enough, we're bringing it back. This Bassdrop features some of the best local talent the city has to offer, & we'll be starting off the night with a bit of house, electro, & fidget, before making our way into some some drum & bass. You definitely don't wanna miss it.

... read more
Thu, February 12, 2009 - 10:26 AM permalink - 1 comment
Have been waiti​ng to see my boys in Armageddon Prevention Team​ throw​ down their show here in the bay
and am excited to dance my ass off.
Shoutouts to Rylie for doing some awesome live painting.
Shoutouts to Roxy for some FIRE!
Shoul​d be a fun event​.​
Come early at 10pm to catch me opening the night up.
Hope to see you guys there​ and get to know more of you bette​r.​

On Satur​day Octob​er 25th,​ Come play with us at

Fat City.​.​.​

It will be a lusci​ous all night​ event​ ... read more
Sat, October 25, 2008 - 4:03 PM permalink - 0 comments
Hello fellow church-goers and friends.

I am very excited to throw down tonight for Beat Church and am looking forward to seeing y'all there. Come get down with me, have a drink, a chat, and a dance.

I'll be playing some dubstep, downtempo, and midtempo.

@ SHINE (1337 Mission 7 9th)
www. shinesf. com
10pm til 2am
only $5 at the door
Thu, October 16, 2008 - 12:42 PM permalink - 1 comment
The flagship event of Abraxis events.

Dedicated to bringing the love through a paperless Dance Culture in SF to create less waste and keep the scene green. Also promoting cross genre pollination to mix up what you thought a party was about. Keep it green, keep it clean and please mix freely.
October 3rd 2008 @ Jelly's Dance Cafe
295 Terry Francois Blvd
Pier 50, San Francisco, CA
10pm - 3am
21+ w/ID
$15 at the door.

Two rooms with some of San Francisco's finest local per... read more
Fri, October 3, 2008 - 2:43 PM permalink - 0 comments
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