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1. yah 202 up, 51 down love it hate it

An arrogant upper/upper-middle class lady or gent, typically a student in an otherwise

charming Scottish town or city.

Girls = flowing 'blonde' hair, pink pashmina, ironically kitsch little bag, astounding ignorance,

charming high-pitched giggle.

Guys = floppy birds' nest-esque hair, woollen jumpers, suspiciously tanned, exceptionally

loud and annoying voice which will usually be spouting some kind of patronising ex-public-schoolboy wit.

Possibly originating from their judicious use of 'yah, darling, yah' in general conversation.

Kill the yahs!

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by Coldo Jun 1, 2003 share this

2. Yah 75 up, 36 down love it hate it

Yah, short form of the name of the Creator, Yahweh (Yah Weh?) as found in the Hebrew Bible.

Seen as "-jah" or "-iah" at the end of many Biblical and/or Hebrew names.

PSALM 68:4,

"Sing to the Almighty, sing out His name! He rides upon the clouds, and Yah is His name.

Rejoice before Him!"

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yahweh yahshua yahshua hamashiach yeshua y'shua hebrew

by Shlomoh HhananYah Geffen Jul 22, 2006 share this

3. yah 80 up, 46 down love it hate it

Expression of agreement, but with great apathy and obvious lack of interest. Most

effective when used in an IM conversation after someone has typed five whole consecutive paragraphs.

"Geez! Like, I was SO pissed at him. I mean, like he SAID he'd call and I was all like psyched to talk to him

last night but he was a TOTAL JERK and I totally waited by the phone all night for him. Like, who DOES that??

I am definitely not going out with him. He's totally dumped. I mean, don't you agree? Don't you think so? Like

, put yourself in my shoes, I felt SO mad. He basically stood me up over the phone. I mean, HELLO! I have

BETTER things to do than hang around all night waiting for the phone to ring. You know what I mean?

You know what I mean?"

*long pause*


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by bamboo shoot Oct 25, 2004 share this

4. yah 55 up, 31 down love it hate it

sloaney types found often, but not exclusively at the follwing universities - Bristol, Durham, Exeter, Edinburgh &

St Andrews. Bray very loudly when in groups. Guys usually called Tom, girls called Pippa (but can have othe

r very obscure names). Move to Fulham and the area around Battersea Rise after university. Some of the

world´s most obnoxious people.

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by dave Sep 14, 2003 share this

5. Yah 16 up, 1 down love it hate it

Short form of the Hebrew name for deity: Yahweh.

HalleluYah (aka Hallelujah or Alleluia) means "Praise Yah".

PSALM 68:4 in the Hebrew uses the name YAH. This is retained in the New King James.

The King James says JAH. Most other versions say "the LORD".

YAH means "I AM" see EXODUS 3:14-15.

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yhwh/yhvh yahweh yahshua yahwism yahwist seal of yahweh church of philadelphia

by Rabbi Golden Jun 9, 2009 share this

6. Yah 10 thumbs up love it hate it

a dominican slang like 'TATO' used to say Alright.

-Junior: yo, I gotta hit the road, so see ya...

-Lalane: YAh...

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ok tato alright esta bien dele.

by Lil' Monkey May 11, 2009 share this

7. Yah 24 up, 20 down love it hate it

A saying that is associated with being annoyed at someone in particular. Often placed

together with the word, bitch while yelling it in someone's face. They will then know to back the

hell up and leave you be.

woman(her breath is funky, she has BO, and she's won't shut up): I can't stop thinking

about what I will where to-

you: YAHH BITCH! YAHH!Get out my face hoe! YAHHHH!

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yah soulja boy bitch get out face hoe hoe

by neiceythegreat Jan 6, 2008 share this

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