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August 6, 2004
January 24, 2004
spread the seed! semen rulz!
January 17, 2004
hey, i just realized that you look like marc bolan.
January 3, 2004
semen styles good at finger fukin all nite long


well yeah happy nude years und stuffin

pieces of burnt toast
maybe i'll dry out soon
offline 1
December 31, 2003
What is the DAMN! deal Simon?!?!?!?!
have a HAPPY and FUN new years.
see you soon
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I <3 Sex.

FUCK: Internet Thugs Throwing Up Bad Gang Signs, Quizilla, That Picture Of The Fat Kid With The 'I Fuck On The First Date' Shirt, BackPacks With Wheels, Creepy Android Clay Aiken & All That American Idol Bullshit, Chain Emails, Me When I'm Too Drunk, Me When I'm Too Sober, Chicks Who Cut The Sleeves Off Their Shirt And Suddenly Think That They Are A Fashion Designer, Pleated Khakis, Penny Loafers, Dockers, Mickey Mouse Shirts, Stepping In Dog Shit, President Bush Jr. And Desert Storm II/Vietnam II, The Star Wars Kid, People Who Make Fun Of My Laugh, Shitney Beers, Young Pop Starlets Who Become Whores, Clothing With Like Every Sports Team's Logo On It, Ironic T-Shirts/Mullets/Mustaches, Kech's 'Fuck' List, Mint's Sweater, Cecs' Hair-Do That Looks Like His Wool Hat, Gallery Openings Without Drinks, Expensive Bars, Cigarettes, ID Checking, Prudes, The Government, Skinny Girls Who Think They're Fat, Racists, Really Fat People, Gabi From As4 Trying To Kiss Me When I See Him, People Who Refuse Me On Myspace, People Who Use Baby Powder And Smell Like Diapers, Ignorant Gangstas, People Who Rap Songs Real Loud When They're Playing So You Know They Know The Lyrics, 50 Cent, Eminem, Ja Rule Meeting With Farrikan, Fabolous, Hangovers, Reingold, Budwiser, Sam Adams Lite, Tiger Beer, Diet Redbull, Teeth Whitening, Decaf Coffee, One Hitters, The Guy Who Hit Me In The Head With A Bottle Outside The Hole, Fake Tits, Man Tits, Softcore, Porn With Condoms, Sellouts, Courtney Love, Pianos, Any Bar That Has Kicked Me Out, Bouncers, Throw Back Jerseys, Indie Hip-Hop, Emo, Screamo, People Who Put 'X' On Both Sides Of Their Screen Names, Williamsburg, Nolita, Dumbo, Staten Island, Conn., The 'Man', Cheesy Feet, Fast Food Besides White Castle, Heroin, Bad Coke, Coke Whores, Coke Residue Around Yer Nostrils, Hipsters Smoking Crack, 'Defend Brooklyn' Shirts, People Who Fart And Don't Fess Up, Stinky People On The Train, Dicky Bums, Summer Trust Fund Squaters, 40's That Rip Out Of The Bag And Break On The Ground, Roof Alarms, Non Malt Liquor 40's, Zima And Other 'Alternative' Malt Beverages, Euro Color Spaypaint, Last Call, Ecko, Akademiks, Sean Jean, Andre The Giant Has A Posse, Kaws, $100 And Up Japanese Designer Toys, Manhattan Tombs, TGIFridays, Sports Bars, Pizza Hut, Boston Market, Sports, Jocks, Guidos, Hipsters, Yuppies, Buppies, Neo Soul, Hippies, Ravers, Greasers, Soches, Niagara, Black & White, Fake Skin Heads, Astor Place Cube As A Hangout, Squares, Ebay, Paysites, MSN Messenger, AOL Warnings, Faux Hawks, Fake Lesbians, Getting Warnings At The Hole,
NYU Ugly Ass Dorms, Gentrification, Trust Funds, Canadian Pennies, Anything I Can't Afford, Nautical Star Tattoos, Modern Rock, Lite Jazz, White People Rapping, White People, Asians With Afros, Euro Trash AKA Grogs, Dingleberries, Pussy Crumbs, Stubble, Stank Puss, Busted Nipples, Cheesy Thighs, Quentin Tarintino, Light Weights, Taxi Drivers, Bridge & Tunnel Clubs, People Who Refuse You On Friendster, P. Diddy, Sean John, Fubu, Tu Pac, European Graffiti, Legal Walls, Graffiti Gallery Shows, Graffiti Ad Murals, Blue Pilots, Israel, Trucker Hats, Dunks, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, MTV, Punk'd, Burberry, T-Shirts That Go To Yer Knees, Band Reunions, Reissues, CDs, MP3's, iPod DJs, Case Logic DJs, Wack DeeJays, Famous People's Kids, People Who Kiss Their Dogs, Fags Who Beg To Suck Yer Dick, Krylon, Dash's Beard, LoL, ROTFL, BRB, TTYL, JK, Hummers H2, Bad Blow Jobs, Broadway Musicals, Broadway, Hollywood Musicals, Hollywood, The Oscars, Music Awards Shows, White People With Dreads, Black Eyed Peas, The Roots, Fake Native Tounges, Religion, Yoga, Bloods & Crips, Jail, Rollerblades, Skate Videos, Cell Phones, Phone Cards, Ring Tones, The Gap, Old Navy, The New Macdonalds Commercials, Waaaazup!, Infomercials, Pop Up Ads, Pimples, Soft Ons, Adidas, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, Bill Cosby, Iceburg Sweaters, Chinatown Garbage, Rats, Pigeons, Little Dogs, Fuck Lists, Chicks Who Don't Put Out On The First Date (Okay, Second), People Who Don't Buzz Me In At 6am, Joints With Tabacco, Hot 97, Radio Stations You Listen To For 2 Days And You Know They're Whole Playlist, Toys, Limp Biskit, Rap Metal, Mooks, Modern Punk, All Things Rock, Closeted Fags, Liars, Hype, Vibe, Fashion Magazines, Graffiti Magazines, Books On Tape, Fake Meat, Will Smith, Cuba Gooding Jr., Sequels, Prequels, Trilogies, Straight People Playing Gays In Films, Black Book Kings, Famous People Who Go To Rehab Instead Of ODing, Talk Shows, Morning News Shows, Entertainment News, Blurred Out Tits, Von Dutch Clothes, The Hilton Sisters, LA, False Metal, Posers, Harry Potter, Magic Shows On TV, Most Stand Up Comedy, SNL, Ray's Pizza On Houston, People Who Watch That Yer Not Stealing In Bodegas, Tweens, The Olson Twins, Sister Sister, The WB, Sitcoms, Reality Shows, Puking, Blacking Out, Artifical Colds, Beards And Eye Makeup, Tree-ocks, Busters, Jim Carey, Adam Sandler, Films Based On SNL Characters, Forgetting Passwords, Dell, Gateway, Colorized Movies, Christmas Songs, Laptop Techno, Microsoft, IBM, Exxon, The War On Terror, The Office Of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, Big Brother Is Watching, AA, NA, MA, PG-13, Blockbuster Video, Digital Cable, Conen O'Brian, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Colin Ferrel, Ben Lo, Celebrities, Goth, Bad Tattoos, Taz, Yer Moms, Starbucks, Fashion Week, Ashy Elbows & Kneecaps, Zip Disks, Hard Disk Crashes, Xbox Controllers, Dick Riders, Cock Blockers, K Rock, DVD Extras, Beta Versions, Jewish Holidays, Fat Free Food, Squaters Begging For Beer Money, Bad Porn, Fake Open Bars, Stupid Questions, The Pain I Get In My Shoulder From Being On The Computer Too Much, Censorship, Fundamentalists, Army, Navy, Marines, Cops, Neighborhood Watch, Suburbs, Strip Malls, Big Chain Stores, Power Ballads, Mash-Ups, Busy Signals, Voice Mail, Talking To Answering Machines, Shitty Cordless Phones, Payphones That Steal Yer Money, King Of Queens, Will And Grace, Goldengirls, TRL, Condoms That Break, Condoms That Are Too Small, Bad Dates, Just Spooning, Digital Cable, Blackouts, Boy Bands, Mall Punk, Justin Timberlake, Dressing Up Nice For Court, Pink (The Singer), Parole, DA's, ADA's, Old People Porn, Fat People Porn, Fox News (Fair And Balanced...Pfffttt), Political Correctness, Pro-Life, Clones, Child Proof Anything, Web Filters, Pop Up Ads, Cover Charges, Demerits, Ticketmaster, Stone Temple Pirates, Creed, The Bible, You!
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