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A Brooding Emperor

Elric of Melnibone'
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You don't want to know, but come back later and I'll try to have a little something for you if you are that curious...
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The Landing of the Milesians in Ireland

IT is not known, now, for what length of time the Tuatha de Danaan had the sway over Ireland, and it is likely it was a long time they had it, but they were put from it at last.

It was at Inver Slane, to the north of Leinster, the sons of Gaedhal of the Shining Armour, the Very Gentle, that were called afterwards the Sons of the Gael, made their first attempt to land in Ireland to avenge Ith, one of their race that had come there one time an... read more
Sat, December 2, 2006 - 11:23 PM permalink - 1 comment
In days when Giants roamed
Dragons breathed & Castles groaned
Heroes walked to find Damsels distressed
Wizards fought until none were left
Fairies, Pixies, Gnomes & Dopplegangers
Dwarves, Trolls, Wraiths & Elven Lords
Griffin’s cry; Basilisk’s stare
Cyclops’ eye; Harpies hair
Magic Land this World once was
A Long Time Ago; Once Upon A Legend
Fortunetellers sale Gypsy Lore
With the palm of a hand
-Tarot Cards unite Lines of Force
Then came the Science of Technology
Coldly Majest... read more
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What did they say?!

November 3, 2004
I met Joe (along with Troy Batty?) in Art Class, my freshman year at Clayton Valley High School. He wanted to see if I was a Poser or not, he could tell I was into metal, but was not sure how into it I was. He was big like me and he had a very large studded wristband at the time. "So are you into Priest" "Did you go to the show last night?," to his pleasure I said, "Yes, I was in the front row!" This was at a time when no one knew Rob Halford (Priest) was gay and they were at their Zenith! This is how we met and became friends.

I was 238 pounds as a freshman at 6'2, Joe was a grade above and a year or 2 older. There was no one in my freshman class as big as I was, so they said we'll have you wrestle Joe...I'm like fuck, I just met this guy and now I'm going to wrestle him? Luckily it never happened and we just joked about it the whole year!

Joe is a rare individual that you don't meet everyday, he is a very gentle, kind, talented, caring person and one of my best friends. I don't think we have ever had an argument or fight. I know in a way I have contributed to his life in more ways than one and have at least gotten him laid once, maybe even married. He will always be a friend, we pick up after years of no contact and act like no time has passed. He has always been very supportive of me and I feel the same for him, when others doubted, Joe pushed forward and always stayed true to the game. I cannot think of a greater friend to have then Joe, he is truely one of a kind gentleman!

Oh yeah, I never even got to kiss Cyndi back then, even though I was into her. As soon as Joe told me he liked her, I backed off, never pursued it, because Joe was so cool! And look it was meant to be, they been together since High School!

May 26, 2004
Joe Minor - damn that crazy MF. Word can't explain his world or mine. He has been a close friend forever, and will be forever. We have gone through some times together - good and bad but always exciting. Keep posted for the pages written about the CoCocounty cool fools.
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