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The Shadiots

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Zee Lord O' Misrule

about me
I write, travel, sell artwork in the post-Grateful Dead counterculture. Burning Man (Black Rock City) is the place on the planet where I feel I can most truly express myself. My community is extensive and weird. I like nice people... "strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hands."

A lot of my writing is posted at but soon I hope to have it listed at

My passions in life are simple -- good friends, good music, food, drink, dancing, art and removing the malignant influences of the neo-con psychos from the landscape of America.

I like mysticism and weird religions and am wary of fundamentalism of all varieties. My church is the Born Again Pagan, Christian Mystic, Zen Gypsy Warlock, Psychedelic Mind-Fucked Church. The Church is omni-directional, poly-denominational, for prophet and likes gurus too.
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I admire the Pope. I have a lot of respect for anyone who can tour without an album. - Rita Rudner

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Welcome To Shady Grove

I have profiles scattered across the 'Net but I don't pay too much attention to most of them. Many of them are linked via my ClaimID page: and you can visit them if you want to learn various and sundry things about me. I blog a lot on Tribe, but I've also got a WordPress blog on and one on LiveJournal.

I sell blotter art at

Additionally, I have home pages at and and I hope to keep refining them as time goes on to more completely reflect my vision for them.

Tribe.Net is my social network of choice.

Drop a line any time -- popeshady(at) -- if you feel so inclined.

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A Few Words From Our Sponsor

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Got Religion?

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"Magic is the meta-belief that belief is a tool for achieving effects." -- Peter Carroll

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My MFA Thesis and Various Other Writing

Tarnished Galahad: The Prose and Pranks of Ken Kesey:

Interview With Ken Kesey:

Deadisticism: The Magic and Mysticism of the Grateful Dead

Fiyo On the Playa: How I Survived My First Burning Man:

Burning Man and the World I've Returned To

If You're Not Outraged, You're Not Paying Attention

Apartheid In Arizona

Reflections on Redwood Summer

Anarchism in Theory and Practice

What Would King Solomon Do? (2000 Election)

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Nobody Told Me There'd B Days Like These

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Zane Kesey, Shady Backflash and David Nelson - November 1, 2005, morning after AT 40
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Shady's Port-O-Pulpit

well, ever since pretty much imploded, i've joined the herd and migrated over to facebook. i had a profile on there years ago, but never checked it and certainly never paid it any attention. it didn't seem to foster in depth discussion or really depth of any sort. but it did, somehow, perhaps because of its shallowness, manage to capture the imagination of the country and become The Website That Ate The Internet.

the "transparency" thing on facebook has been bothering me. it's T... read more
Sun, January 31, 2010 - 9:58 PM permalink - 4 comments
rather than continually log on to belabor the point of how much i miss all the crazy fucked-up "safety third" fun i became accustomed to finding on tribe, only to realize i'm hollering into a vacuum, i have created a wordpress blog -- -- and have linked it via my facebook profile -- -- and then link all of this data into a profile -- -- with the objective being, ... read more
Thu, January 15, 2009 - 9:34 AM permalink - 0 comments
i haven't logged in to tribe in what feels like ages. i've blogged even less. tragic, since it seemed like i was popping in here half a dozen or more times a day a few years back. it just feels like the site fell and never fully got up...

i don't even feel inspired to blog on here, much less poke around on old discussion pages to see if anyone's still lurking. and i have gotten approximately one friend request on this site in about five months. and it's from someone i don't know.

no r... read more
Sat, January 10, 2009 - 9:10 PM permalink - 1 comment
first, does it have one? seems like everyone has a page on facebook now, but doesn't know what the hell to do with facebook because it's so flat and doesn't really consist of much more than twitter with a few extra features...

second, let's say tribe gets a much needed injection of venture capital but doesn't do the "shoot itself in the foot" move that it did last time it tried to get a new buyer with vc... can we get the PEOPLE back? i mean the only thing that really made tribe interesti... read more
Thu, November 13, 2008 - 12:16 PM permalink - 2 comments
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Shady Grove Library

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LiveJournal Pulpit

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Shout Outs From the Fan Base

July 26, 2007
Shady really likes cows. He is Tall. He is my brother from another Asylum. He sometimes wears socks, sometimes he doesn't. You never really know with ol' Shady. He is the opposite and Arch-Nemesis of Sunny Forward-Constant light. I like Shady Backflash. He's O.K. by me.
October 23, 2006
Came in like a wind
with strength enough to blow me right out of my own skin
this purple pope-n pimp
is a soul from my family of stars,
showering down,
in and out for a moment,
standing on the purple pulpit,
tornadoing off into some sunset,
leaving behind the fondness of an autumn day,
a blue skanky wig,
and a smile on my face.
June 14, 2006
Free-spirit, mystic, rubber-chicken-wearing, psy-pope beauty. You open my eyes to new possibilities. And even though you live on the other side of flyover country, your friendship is ever in my heart.
March 15, 2006
You may know some cool clergy or spiritual types, but how many of them will absolve you of all your future sins? Pope Shady thats who!
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