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facebook sabbatical

   Sun, January 31, 2010 - 9:58 PM
well, ever since pretty much imploded, i've joined the herd and migrated over to facebook. i had a profile on there years ago, but never checked it and certainly never paid it any attention. it didn't seem to foster in depth discussion or really depth of any sort. but it did, somehow, perhaps because of its shallowness, manage to capture the imagination of the country and become The Website That Ate The Internet.

the "transparency" thing on facebook has been bothering me. it's The Wall. it just seems obnoxious. and being able to see which mutual friends are writing to which mutual friends, yeah, sure, i know, that can happen on any internet forum, but the idea of doing it as a "push" technology, where you are given bulletins that two people are interacting in a public medium... rather than run around like a hall monitor yelling at everyone "hey, your microphone's on", i'm stepping away from the site for a few days and working on learning SEO and wordpress and google analytics and slowly working on developing -- my online site for blotter art and other acid test related ephemera.

i'm no longer holding my breath waiting for to be resurrected. i think this ship sailed and i don't see it getting another big break. they blew it in '06 with the new TOU and new owners and new design. so many people left between '05-'07 that the site is just a ghost town, a mere shell of its former glory. and what i keep waiting for, some sort of "next generation friend aggregator" like only with more of a centralized hub, has yet to fully emerge. i think facebook will eventually run its course, but what it has going for it right now is its broad based appeal -- basically everyone *and* their mother is using it. so people are finding friends, nemeses, relatives, co-workers, the woman over at dairy queen, etc. and that has a certain charm, but at some point, i think there will be other like myself who just want to connect with each other without the stale limitations that the site seems to impose. anyway, i'm waiting for that day. sooner would be better than later, 'cos god does facebook suck by comparison to what we used to have here on

oh, and i've been blogging mostly at -- a wordpress blog hosted on my site.


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Mon, February 1, 2010 - 3:48 AM
I think I'll haunt these halls a bit longer, but I know what you mean about FB!!!
Mon, February 1, 2010 - 7:00 PM
<<the "transparency" thing on facebook has been bothering me. it's The Wall. it just seems obnoxious. and being able to see which mutual friends are writing to which mutual friends,>>

See, that's the beauty of the choice. If I want to share something with you that I'd also share with our friends, I'll write it on your wall. If I want to dialog, use PM or email.
Mon, February 1, 2010 - 7:48 PM
alas, it's a blessing and a curse, because not everyone is as clear thinking as you, Sooz! some people can't seem to figure out the obvious distinction, or are lazy and figure a post to the wall is the most expedient way to send someone a personal message...

i will grant that more of the issue is in not having filters than anything, but, for the most part, the interface just bothers me and i wish good ol' tribe still had enough traffic to warrant ignoring facebook altogether, as i did until '06 when amplified its suckage to the point that everyone fled and most never came back.
Mon, October 11, 2010 - 1:23 PM
facebook versus tribe
I just don't like the fact that I can't start to write something on my blog and come back to it, I have a long enough "something to say" that I'd like to get out there without all the baggage of judgment in between my postings, and the something I have to say will take so long to say, that I need to say it in different sittings and there seems to be no place to "draft" here. I live in Hawaii, and so not always able to connect except through the electronic forces.... but I remember you so well that I have something to tell you of great importance, and I feel the sense of urgency to get message out, but to do so in parts seems silly or drastically will understate the intensity of my heart.