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   Sun, October 5, 2008 - 5:32 PM
OK, haven't been up for public blogging much lately- been favoring the ol' longhand leather journal again. But hey, it's a rainy Sunday, & I'll bite on these questions:

1. Are you taller than your best friend?
No. I'm not taller than many adults. I am, however, blessed w/ 2 good lovely friends shorter than I- Debby & Lisa.
2. Do you have a favorite type of pen?
Of course. No, you can't borrow it.

3. Have you ever worn the opposite sex's underwear?
Colorful boxers as shorts. They were cheap, & it was the 80's.

4. What is your natural hair color?
Black w/ increasing silver strands.

5. Who was the last person you sat on?
Probably someone in a cuddle pile, & it was more like a splayed on top of.

6. What color are the curtains in your bedroom?
It's a converted attic. Windows at one end have sheerish-dark green curtains, w/ an ivory & gold scarf used as a valance; a short strand of faery lights. Windows behind my bed have sheer curtains w/ tons of tiny green leaves on a white background, & white pleated shades.

7. What's the weirdest thing to be found in your bedroom?
That's easy- Me! Oh, & the cats, who are weird simply for being feline- plus they're just weird.

8. Have you ever had a black and white cat?

9. What is the last thing you licked?
The rim of the mug to keep some chai tea from dripping.

10. Do you know anyone who lives in Europe?
Not sure... it depends whether one currently traveling friend does decide to stay there, as she's saying she will.

11. If you had a stack of cash to spend, what would you buy (bills and gas excluded)?
How much are we talking? If it's a whole lot, a beach cottage, or a place in San Francisco. If it's a lot, that'll make up for what I'm spending on medical bills currently, that's eating into my long-planned-for Travel Fund. If it's less, than some concert & theater tix for me & a bunch of friends.

12. What movie are you looking forward to seeing?
"W"- Oliver's Stone's new film about George Bush. And "Battle In Seattle", currently at the local indie theater.

13. Can you spell well?
I spell better than I type, but nawww, not that well. I'm fond of dictionaries.

14. What makes you gag?
People who scream "Drill baby, drill!"

15. How do you feel about the French?
I like their cinema. They know how to cook, make wine, argue well, relax, have a great intellectual & artistic heritage, & have their name on a great way of kissing. They invented the modern vacation- merci.
I wish they smoked less. I've noticed that even grungy French travelers have fabulous haircuts. I hope they're not too awful to me when I visit France & mangle their language.

16. Pick one: Zombies or Frankensteins Monster?
Zombies. Maybe because since they're already dead I could fight them more easily. I feel sorry for Frankenstein.

17. What song describes your love life?
I need more than one.

18. Favorite pet?
I've adored them all... Ambrosia & Tikkun are the bestest living cats in the universe.

19. Who is on your mind?
Some people I need to call.

20. Last person to give you a business card?
An old friend at the Faerieworlds Festival.

21. Who is the last person you called?

22. Did you ever have braces?
Yes. For almost nine months. To my dismay, got 'em on my upper teeth just as everyone else was getting their's off. Which is why I have a Mona Lisa smile for my senior HS yearbook portrait. Fortunately, they were gone before graduation.

23. Last time you had someone cook for you?
Ummm... probably almost 2 wks ago, when Rich, Mark & I went out to dinner. Or else it was probably Sherri.

24. Can you make coffee well?
Uh-huh. Rarely drink it at home these days, tho', & it's usually decaf. (hey, this is the NW, I CAN get good decaf).

25. Do you like cheesecake?
Yes. I come from the land of good cheesecake, both Italian & Jewish style. Been a long time since I ate it, tho'.

26. Last time you received flowers?
My birthday last March.

27. What celebrity disturbs you most?
Any number of conservative pundits. The increased emphasis on celebrity infotainment "journalism" disturbs me, in general. All those people famous for absolutely no accomplishment, just feeding the machine- that creeps me out, too.

28. Do you play air guitar?
Hell, yeah. And the real thing, too. .

29. Do you have any stuffed animals?
Yes. (Not on my bed). Several from childhood, & a few weird ones, like a small stuffed triceratops named Sandoz. I'm kind of animist about them- they're like totems that kids are invited to squeeze. Also, Ambrosia, my fat kitty, is sort of like a live stuffed animal.

30. What possession of yours classifies you as a geek/nerd?
Oh, so many things... the glasses, tons of books, the silly toys, the theater prop stuff in the basement, the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" & "Lord of the Rings" DVDs, etc....

31. What got you through high school?
books, weed, cheap wine, music, cutting school, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, art classes, determination.

32. What makes you happy inside, but you can't really explain it?
I CAN explain why I'm happy- 'cause I'm in touch w/ my feeeeeeelings.

33. What made you cry last?
feeling frustrated & lonely because I wanted to do social outdoorsy stuff & couldn't because of my bum hip.

34. Do you like surprises?
Depends on the surprise. If it's not awful, I do like to be amused & stimulated- so a "yes" w/ qualifiers.

35. What's your 'emphasize' word?
Why, the NYer's all purpose "Fuck" of course. Except when I'm deliberately restraining myself. It seems some people don't appreciate the the versatility of "Fuck". "Damn" is alright.

36. How long does it take you to get ready to go out?
That depends... are we talking party, grocery store, hanging w/ a friend, date, or something involving a costume?

37. Have you ever worn a crown?
Yes, minion. And well. Not the traditional human kind, but a crown, all the same.

38. Are you ticklish?
In one spot. And I'm not saying where.

39. Last time you had a Krispy Kreme doughnut.
Oh golly goshums ... probably when I lived in S. Florida, over 21 yrs ago. Or maybe on some roadtrip almost as long ago. I was more into Wafflehouse, beef jerky (those 2 reserved for the road) & chocolate.

40. Who is the last person that sent you a text that you returned?
I don't text. Don't text me. Just leave a damn message.

41. Who has the prettiest eyes that you know of?
I truly cannot choose. Can think of many, in RL... I know some good lookin' people. For movie stars- maybe Clive Owen & Johnny Depp. .

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Mon, October 6, 2008 - 10:22 AM
I love the richness of you Fmm : )
and now Im stealing this - heeee heeee!