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Stuck on a Plateau? Here Are Ideas for Moving Forward!

Just updated this article on my web site:

It offers advice on how to break loose from a plateau in your development as a belly dancer.
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Ancient Egyptian Art - An Introduction

See this article on my web site for an introduction to Ancient Egyptian Art:
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New Stuff on

I've added some new items to All About Belly Dancing! Learn to Belly Dance! recently. Here's a list:

Book Reviews

These can be found at

* The Belly Dance Costume Book. By Zarifa Aradoon. This oldie has been out of print for about 20 years, but occasionally a copy turns up at swap meets, eBay, Amazon, etc.
* Earth Dancing. By Daniela Gioseffi. Ever wonder where the "goddess dance" mentality comes from? There were several books in the 1970's and 1980's that promoted this idea, and this is one of them.
* Culture Shock Egypt. By Susan Wilson. This book is intended for business people, college students, and others planning to live in Egypt for some period of time, but it can be interesting reading for the rest of us.
* Belly Dancing Basics. By Laura Cooper. Instructions on how to belly dance in the form of text and photos. Lavishly illustrated with full-color photos by Bhuz's own Sarah Skinner.
* My Dad Does Belly Dance. By Susan Gates. Children's book. A child is embarrassed when Dad signs up to take a belly dance class!
* Grandma Hekmatt Remembers. By Ann Morris. Childrenn's book. Profiles children's relationship with their Egyptian grandmother.

Song Translations (Songs Originally in Arabic)

These can be found at

* Yalil Yalil, La Fin Des Haricots. Sung by Mickey 3D. Has a cool animated music video that goes with it - should be easy to find with google. This song is partly in French, partly in Arabic. I translated the French part, and a native speaker of Arabic translated that part for me.
* Talaa Min Beit Abouha. I've loved this Iraqi song for years, ever since Raja Zahr put it on his Back to Lebanon vinyl LP in the 1980's. It also appears on one of Adam Basma's CD's.
* Yama el Amar al-Bab. Sung by Fayza Ahmed in the movie Tamra Henna, with Naima Akef dancing to it. Has also been recorded by Nancy Ajram, Hossam Ramzy, and Yousry Sharif.



* Finding Middle Eastern Movies on Home Video.
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"Hares in the Harem and Fantasies of Seduction"

Last week at the International Bellydance Conference of Canada I presented a 90-minute lecture titled "Hares in the Harem and Fantasies of Seduction," that talked about how the mass media in North America have kept damaging stereotypes about belly dancing alive through the way they depict our dance in movies, television shows, cartoons, etc.

I received a lot of favorable feedback on it, so now I'm polishing it up into a workshop that I can take on the road. Let me know if you want me to come offer it in YOUR town! I just need a sponsor!
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"Foreigners Preserve Cairo's Reputation as Belly Dance Capital"

I discovered an interesting article today titled, "Foreigners Preserve Cairo's Reputation as #elly Dance Capital". See
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My Rakkasah Performance Time!

I'll be performing at Rakkasah on Saturday, March 13 at 6:50 PM on the Main Stage. I hope to see some of you there!
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New book reviews on

The following new book reviews are now on

* Earth Dancing: Mother Nature's Oldest Rite. By Daniela Gioseffi.
* The Belly Dance Costume Book. By Zarifa Aradoon.
* Pyramids & Nightclubs: A Travel Ethnography. By L. L. Wynn.
* Belly Dancing Basics. By Laura A. Cooper.
* Have Belly, Will Travel: From Elvis and Star Trek to Ambassadors and Kings. By Tanya Lemani.

You can find them all here:
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Two additional song translations on!

I posted two more song translations on today. They are:

1. Lamma Bada Yatathanna
2. Ghanili Shwaya Shwaya
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Two More Song Translations on!

Tonight I added two more song translations to

1. Yaho by Hakim
2. Wahdani by Khaled Agag

I recently had Artist NikkiJ do 4 portraits of me from dance photos. I've featured one with this blog, and I'll use the others on future blogs!
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Three more song translations on!

have added the following from Lennie's site to mine:

1) "Al Ward Gamil" by Oum Kalthoum
2) "Sahertou Minhou el-Layali" by Soumaya Baalbaki,
3) "Ya Wail" by George Abdo.
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