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Tertely Bloggin

Join the wave...

Sound Wave
drum & tone
to ring the Planet

Join together with all the world
on March 29th, 2006
to play drums and chant good energy
from 7 - 8 p.m.
in whatever time zone you live in.

Our hope is to ring the world with energy for 24 solid hours!!!

set up drums circles,
tone with your friends,
drum alone, ohmmm a solo,
drum with the trees, fill the aire with energy
be present in the experience!

pass it on..

This was a divinely inspired idea created by a group of us on the Daily OM list.
You can join the conversation by registering at
Once you are registered, check out Community, All Article Discussions, Drumming
and you can be a part of the Sound Wave creation group.

I'll paraphrase Aletheia to remind how the date came about. Twenty-nine is a prime number (29) that when added together is still a prime number (11 and again 2. On March 29 there is a Total Solar Eclipse visible in Europe, Asia, Africa & Eastern S America. It is the date of a New Moon. The date falls soon after the Spring Equinox and the beginning of Spring.

I'll add that the date is two weeks after an unusual Penumbral eclipse of the moon. Five eclipses of this type per century. Lots of celestial happenings to be celebrated.

And I'll quote Inky's musing that seemed to set this discussion off in this direction when she said, "..i have often though how amazin it would be if we could get every drum on the planet goin at once...would that be wild or what..."

Dally Yamma and Latteta suggested using instant messaging to get the word out. Anybody know how that might be done?

Also, I seem to remember some online forums where drumming is discussed. Anybody know of any of these?

There are probably some spiritually oriented forums and mailing lists that would appreciate information about this happening. Maybe some Earth activist type groups and lists would enjoy learning about an opportuinty to play drums and chant good energy with many others. Hmmm, what else... anybody got some creative ideas for getting the message out?

Word of mouth, passing the message along to friends is always an effective way to communicate this sort of thing.

Yahoo groups, MSN groups, Google groups... anybody know of any of these that might be pleased to learn about the Drum Wave?

How is it that some email messages seem to spread like fire? That's what is needed, an internet wild fire carrying the message of drumming and chanting good energy on March 29, 2006 at 7:00 8:00 PM in whatever timezone you might be located.
Love, Light Hugs, and Blessings in
A Bun Dance, Eric of the Toy Tertel
Wed, March 8, 2006 - 9:44 AM permalink - 0 comments
I recently encountered a beautiful idea I have to pass on. Its called a Drumming Wave and its happening Mar 29.
There is group of folks who are drumming for world peace on the 29th. The idea is from 7-8pm your time, drum for the hour, a little b4 and/or after too if you wish of course.
The idea is that if we can get poeple in every time zone around the world involved in thsi then there will be 24 hours of drumming for world peace going on that day,
Here is the original idea.

2006/02/14 06:54 AM
My suggestion for the Drumming the Planet idea is that we do not try to all drum at the same time, but do it like the wave, across the planet...try to have 24 solid hours of drum music across the planet. Pick a time, like 7 p.m. when it would be easy for folks to gather whereever they are...and ask them to drumjam for one hour. That way, it would start wherever it is 7 p.m. first (is that Greenwich?), and it will ripple all the way to me, as I end in MO, the folks in the next time zone (would that be Idaho, Inky?) would pick up and as they drop off the folks in CA would pick up and so on and so forth. What do you think?

Can we pull this together by March 29th? a good full moon time, a new moon in Aries, a solar eclipse going on in Europe, Asia, Africa & Eastern S America, a prime number (29) that when added together is still a prime number (11 and again 2) and at the beginning of Spring.

Thu, March 2, 2006 - 1:41 PM permalink - 0 comments

This is a link to one of the most despicable stories yet to come out of the current administrations shortcomings.
How could the president, whose job is to keep us safe and help us out in times of crisis, completely ignore these warnings and instead go campaigning and partying!!???
Once again it seems that GW had an agenda that precluded letting us know we were in trouble.
Considering the loss of life in NO and surrounding areas I personally would have to say there are certainly criminal charges that should be brought, including premeditated murder, if this info is correct and it seems to be.
Please spread this info far and wide so we can stop the spin, thanks.
Sorry about the depressing blog post, I will try and make it more positive next time.
Thu, March 2, 2006 - 9:40 AM permalink - 0 comments
Well I ma finally getting my act together and exposing myself to the world.
Close your eyes Martha, Too late she dun got streaked!!!

Anyway I have been informed that I am now "The Acid King" according to Mookish. This seems very sillee to me as we all know Albert and Owlsely were THE Acid Kings and of course that Pikard fellow as well.
I am merely a drop in the old vial and can in no way even be mentioned in conjunction with these illustrious gentle folk.
Love the silliness, dont need the notoriety.

C U soon!!!!
Keep posted I am sure I will find soemthing interesting to talk about soon.
Wed, September 28, 2005 - 1:30 PM permalink - 2 comments
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