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Love, Light, and Audio ~~

   Wed, December 12, 2007 - 11:17 PM
Love, Light, and Audio ~~ Influx Production: Freelance Audio, Video, and Web Content
Aloha and Gratitude!

Feel free to contact me regarding mobile concert and event recording, studio and live sound mix engineering, location work, music for movies, foley work, Filming, song writing, creative writing, creative endeavors, and conscious communications of all sorts. Be ready for high quality, affordability, passion, heart and focus. I am proficient in the Box and out, behind a guitar, drums, synth and my voice. If you need a co-working creative force to work with please give me a shout. If you have any tech support questions, I may be able to find a workaround!

I'm looking for work in the SF Bay Area and Abroad.

Lets capture and project this singular renaissance of ideas and synergy that is needed to sustain life on Earth and bring balance back to Humanity.
I feel we need to network the synergy of talent that is on the planet to the next octave in order to rise above the Din of Mass Media. Through the Underground Rivers miracles are possible. In the Mainstream the most people can become inspired.

Love, Light, and Audio
B. Smiley

Current Mobile Gear:
MBP 17", G4 Powerbook, 2TB HD Space, MOTU Traveler, Presonus Firebox, 2 Rode Nt2A, Mics, Logic Studio, Peak+ all BIAS soft., Final Cut Studio, A host of Plugins, Digital and Analog Gear, Guitars, Basses, Keys, Triggers, Drums, Native Flutes, Saz, Stage Piano, Love, Friends, Family and Tribe in multiple Artistic Industries... Experience with most live gear and Sound Systems.

Brian's Mix & Show Credits:
Kan'Nal, Lost At Last, High Sierra Music Fest, Sierra Nevada Music Fest, Oregon Country Fair, DreamTime Festival, Tower Of Power, Jollie Holland, Earlimart, Starsound Audio, BIAS, Inc., Elements For Life, Anon Salon, ReEvolution Village, All Over Burning Man, Ozzfest, SoHo SB, Instrumental Music, Fancy Music SB, Motet, New Deal, Zuvuya, Wisdom, Slaves On Dope, Hamsa Lila, Davinci Fusion, EarthDance 3 years, Native Soul Productions, Point Conception, Electrosonics, House Sound For Numerous Clubs, Events, Parties, Artistic and Political Functions For over 10 years.

Album Credits:
Kan'Nal Dreamwalker - 2006 Sony Red
Kan'Nal EP, Live at High Sierra 2005, Live at Oregon Country Fair 2005
Hear-T Tunes- Personal Solo Album
Solstice Grooves- w/Jenn Starr Influx Productions 2006
Electrosonics - Reno NV Album and Live Shows
Daughters Of Zuvuya- Ema Luna and Shakti MA 2003
Some Great Live Bootlegs...

Feel Free to Comment with a Testimonial or Questions and let your friends know that someone in the Tribe is here to help! -->~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~V

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Sat, December 15, 2007 - 11:59 PM
3 questions
Have you ever dreamed of making a great sounding album?
Are you dreaming of recording the next album and need some help?
Do you know of anyone who has dreamed or is dreaming of making an album?
All of the Above___